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"I am willng to use my stallions as a stud if anyone is interested"

Hi Everyone. I am Juniper

I will be doing Gypsy Vanners here. All in Driving

Please message me if you want to use a mare of mine as a brood.

Brood Price: 3k
Stud price: 4k 

Let me know if you want to breed your mare(s) mare to one of my stallions or just send a breeding request to that stallion

✳- symbol for all my horses


Strength - Red Apple

Endurance - Turnip

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Member Name Juniper
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Joined August 2, 2020
Last Active 2020-09-25 05:18:08
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Money on Hand $18,349
Money in Bank $15,148
Player Level 5
Horses 38 / 45

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Level 5 Experience 11382 (38%) EXP Required 29352 EXP Left 17970

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