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"...8 years later"

I am a 30 year old genderfluid player (pronoun: they)

I have ASD and ADHD, please forgive me if I seem rude or forgetful

I love horses and I love genetics. I am especially interested in unusual colours and patterns. I love to see what foal turns up (yes yes I know you can do the punnet squares or the calculator but it's still a dice roll to see what actually arrives)

Racing Sabino/Rabicano Akhal-tekes 

Showjumping Tobiano Dutch Warmbloods

Showjumping Solid Clydesdales

If you want to be friends just ask

Account Information
Member Name SkyChild
Member ID 126464
Account Type Basic
Joined June 2, 2020
Last Active 2020-11-26 07:54:38
Member Information
Money on Hand $459
Money in Bank $3,436,394
Player Level 13
Horses 80 / 90

Player Points
Yesterday 2994
This Week 23146
This Month 325320
All Time 1921738
Show Winnings
Yesterday $190
This Week $7,664
This Month $87,747
All Time $438,709

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 134247 (36%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 232653

SkyChild's Horse Divisions
Breeding Pens 5 horses
Not trained today
Clydes 0 horses
Racing 6 horses
Not trained today
Showjumping 3 horses
Not trained today
Timewarp LOCKED 66 horses
Not trained today

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Cream Horse Society

EV Jump! Guild

Akhal-Teke Club

Clydesdale Club

The Solid Clydesdale Registry

Palomino Association

- Clydesdale Society -

The LGBTQ+ Association

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Dutch WarmbloodShow JumpingColor