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[UPDATE: 1/15/2024]

me: yay i'm finally back from hiatus!
my sister's house: burns down literally the next day

lollll so yeah... her and her cat are fine, and pretty much all of her irreplaceable stuff got saved thanks to the amazing firemen, but the house is a total loss. like, fully burned down. :( we've spent the past few days with help from family and friends going through the rubble and gathering anything else that can be salvaged. truly crazy. she's moved in with me semi-permanently (we were talking about that pre-fire anyway so we could both save on rent), so obviously i've had no time for EV in the midst of all this. but things have calmed down so i'm really back at it this time haha. i'm aware of the state of things since i was last active around august/september of last year, but not to worry, i'm not going anywhere. i will be sticking around until the site is closed down for good, but hopefully it won't get to that. i plan to support as much as i can monthly and tell anyone who might be interested about this game! anywho, can't wait to really get back into the swing of things :D

[UPDATE: 4/1/2023]

SO UHHHH hi. completely forgot about the existence of this site, but I'm back now.... after 3 years... hahaha. gonna do a big overhaul and basically rebrand and restart my stables. farewell LanWei Stables, you were lovely, but i'm ready for a change. probably going to be slowly working on everything over the next couple days (i'm a big dumb dumb because i made a new account not realizing i already had one so now i gotta move everything from there over here. sigh). meanwhile, please feel free to take any of my horses for sale off my hands if you like them. i'm aware they're not the highest quality, but i'm gonna have them up for sale for a while in case anyone out there might have use for them. stay tuned, friends :)



Welcome to Aerospace Equestrian Center, the stables among the stars! We are a stable that specializes in research and study to provide the best possible equines. One way we do this is by applying training techniques that are best for our horses' mental and physical health, and yields the highest performance benefits. As we are a stable located in the mountains, the horses are exposed and acclimated to high-altitude life in their regular training, as well as semi-regular visits to the ocean to swim and train in the revitalizing seawater.

Another way we put our research into practice is via genetics. Through carefully selective breeding we work to rear strong, healthy horses with only the highest quality traits passed down throughout their bloodlines. Our overall goal here is to produce well-balanced champions that excel in all skills, especially--but not limited to--endurance, speed and agility, in addition to having unique coat colors that stand out and temperaments well-suited to their trained discipline (but not to fear, those who do not meet our high criteria are re-homed to loving families and checked in on annually to ensure their safety and happiness and to provide support to their new families if requested). Here at AEC, we believe getting the total package is possible! 


We are currently focused on breeding

To see more information and what the full focus for each one is, click on any of the above breeds. The link will take you to its division, and in its header is where all details about my work with the breed can be found. I always put a horse's NSS in their public notes, and the most relevant information (depending on the breed's focus) in their names.

We have no plans to expand on more breeds at this time, but who knows what the future holds! If you work with any of the same breeds (preferably of the same disciplines) listed above, please send a friend request, we would love to do business with you sometime!


Aerospace Equestrian Center is involved in a project with Golden Mountain Estates to breed high quality Warlanders, increasing the population here on Equiverse. The goal is to produce Warlanders with high conformation and stats and low NSS, that adhere to the official breed standard as best as possible. For more information, please click on the header division for the breed.


I've recently started a new personal project (potentially my biggest yet) to create a whole new breed of my own! I will be very selectively crossing Trakehners for their high agility, Akhal Tekes for their endurance, and American Aztecas (Andalusian x Paint Horse) for their elegance and hardiness. The goal is to create an all-purpose warmblood type that is always recognizable by their cream coats, sleek and sturdy athletic bodies, graceful picturesque stride, and hardy spirit. More specific information as well as the breed's requirements will be in its header division. I have yet to officially name the breed (I'm considering something like Golden Strider), but for now the endeavor will be called the Creamies Project. :)

[this breed is not to be confused with the existing American Cream Draft, which is not only a cold blooded draft unlike my warmblood breed, but additionally, despite its name is not a true cream horse, as it's genotype contains no cream gene, only champagne.]


Clearly I cannot be stopped, because I started yet another project! 💀

I'm crossing what I imagine to be B and D Section Welsh Ponies with Dutch Warmbloods to create the ideal Polo "Pony." Polo Ponies aren't technically a breed or ponies at all, they are simply horses that are trained for and compete in Polo. Typically Polo Ponies are Thoroughbred crosses, sometimes TB x Criollo, Anglo Arabs, or TB x Quarter Horse. But I decided I wanted to try something a little different and go with the sturdy, agile, multifaceted Welsh Pony and the uber athletic, all-rounder Dutch Warmblood (which has TB in it's ancestry anyway) in order to create an ideal build, size, and personality for a Polo Pony. Personally, I think I've found a pretty good combo! For more info on this project, namely my methods, focus, and breed standard, see the Polo Pony division information.


No particularly specialized services just yet at this time, though I do on occasion sell credits for very reasonable prices in the sales section of the credit shop, so look out for those. I do also have more ideas for the future, so stay tuned ;)

As for the buying, selling, and breeding of horses:

I breed my horses at different ages depending on which project they're in, what their focus is, and how serious I am about them. I usually try to keep mares at no more than 5 foals, maybe 6 at absolute max if it's dire. Though most are bred even less than that for exclusivity, at about 3 foals tops. Stallions though I try to go a semi-realistic route with 10-15 max, since irl stallions can easily produce hundreds of foals in their lifetime.

-For my TWH's and Chincoteagues, since they're more for the fun of it I breed at ages 6, 12, and 18. From 12-18 (or until they reach the foal limit) the stallions will be available for private stud. The stud requirement is that your horse may not have drastically lower/worse stats than the one you want to breed to, it must be relatively equal to or higher than. Minimum is 3 points less than. (i.e. if my horse had 54.00 confo and 7 goods, I wouldn't accept a breeding request to a horse with less than 51.00 confo, 4 goods, and 64+NSS). Any breed is fine. The limit is 15 foals max, which includes the 3 I will have bred for myself.

-Mustangs are 8, 16, 18. Stallions will be available for private stud from ages 16-18, with a foal limit of 10 max, and I will accept any request for any breed so long as the horse has a minimum 54.00+ confo, 5/8 goods and 65NSS and under.

-Appaloosas are bred at 4, 5, 6, and 7. Since their focus is almost entirely on color, with a minor secondary focus on lowering NSS eventually, there's really no need to wait to breed. Starting at 8 years, the best of both the mares and stallions will be available for private stud/brood (mares only once for a total of 5 foals, and stallions with a limit of 15 foals, including my own). The stud/brood requirement is same as TWHs/Chincoteagues. Your horse may not have drastically lower/worse stats than the one you want to breed to, it must be relatively equal to or higher than. Minimum is 3 points less than. All breeds accepted.

-The Paints are going to be bred at 14, 16, and 18. Stud services will be available from ages 14-17. Same breeding requirements as listed above.

-My Morgans will be bred at 8, 12, and 18. From age 10+ stallions will be available for private stud (to any horse with 54.00+ confo, 65NSS and under, and 5/8 goods). Limit is 10 foals, including my own as usual.

-For my Driving Warlanders, since they're a serious project with the goal of improving stats, confo, and lowering NSS, I breed at ages 18 and 19, for myself and my breeding partner only. However select stallions--only the very best ones--will be available for private stud from ages 18-20 (requirements will be slightly stricter for those using the services to create their own Warlanders so as to adhere to the official breed standard, but not unreasonable. Those wishing to breed Friesians to my studs for purebred foals must adhere to the same requirements as I have listed above for my studs of other breeds). They will be available for a limited number of breedings, and then retired.

-My Endurance/Jumping/Dressage Warlanders will be bred at 12, 16, and 18. They will be available for private stud from ages 16-18, and the requirements will be the same as with the Driving Warlanders. 

-My Golden Striders will not be available for stud/brood or purchase until at least the third generation, which will be F1 for the breed. They will be bred at 8, 12, 16, and 18. Once they are available for private stud at ages 12-18, only Crcr/CrCr mares that are Trakehner, Paint, Akhal Teke, Andalusian, or a Grade horse combo of any of those 4 breeds, will be accepted (however, if you would like to use my breed as one/a few of the foundation studs to start your own new breed, I may waive these requirements. message me and we can work something out). Stats requirements are a min confo of 54.00, 5/8 goods, and 65 or less NSS.  

-Since the Polo Ponies will be cubed then converted, gen one will be converted a little early at 16, and bred at 16, 17, and 18. Gen two (F1) on will be converted at 18 and bred at 18 & 19. Stallions will be available for fully public stud from ages 16-18 and up to 15 foals (again, mine included). However stat requirements for the mares they're bred to will be the usual min confo of 54.00 and 5/8 goods. (The NSS requirement is waived since my Polo Ponies are cubed.)   

I am not looking to buy horses from other players at this time. I may start looking once I am further along in my lines. If you are breeding the same breeds I am or are planning to soon, you may send me a friend request if you like as a way of keeping tabs on each other in case we want to do business someday.

Out of the foals I will keep two that I like the best to continue my primary and secondary lines, and the one left will be available for sale. I lock all foals once they reach age 3, until I have all of them to compare and choose from, then unlock and sell the ones I don't want. Stables I am in breeding partnerships with get first pick of foals if they want one, and then the remaining foal(s) will be put up for sale. If you see a horse you would like a foal from that is not yet available, you may message me to reserve the service ahead of time, which will cost an extra $5k in addition to the stud/brood fee.

Regarding sales, pricing for some things might seem steep, but the total will be lower than you think. Since my lines have only just started and the stats aren't the best yet, that's just how it has to be in order to keep things level. But as my lines get more developed and stats are higher, pricing will be adjusted to balance that out. They'll actually seem like they've lowered, but the overall totals won't change much regardless of what the pricing looks like, they'll only gradually increase as the horses' quality does. So for now, generally my pricing goes as such:

$1k base price
  • +$1k per every 100 stat points (accumulated, not base only. i don't round up, so i.e. even if it's 599 stat points, i would still only count that as 500 and ignore the 99.)
  • +$500 per grade (after N1/not counting N1)
  • +$1k if NSS is 50-60
  • +$1.5k if NSS is 30 to 49
  • +$2k if NSS is 29 or lower
  • +$1.5k if it has more than 2 generations in its pedigree (not counting itself)
  • +$100 per every 'Good' in its conformation
  • +$300 per every 'Excellent' in its conformation
  • +$500 per every 'Perfect' in its conformation
  • +$500 per every ribbon won
  • +$100 per every club registration

So for example (don't think too hard about how realistic/possible this is, it's just a demonstration of how my pricing works) if a horse was/had:
-360 total stats
-Novice 2
-57 NSS
-4th gen in my lines
-5 'Goods'
-1 'Excellent'
-3 ribbons
-2 club registrations
it would cost $9,500. I may also add an additional charge for especially pretty/unique coloring, or a genotype that gives potential foals a wide variety of color possibilities, if applicable, but probably no more than $500-$1k. If you like a horse for sale but don't agree with/can't afford the sale price, send me a message! I am open to negotiating. (if you're still feeling intimidated by the pricing, consider: this means my current batch of gen 2 foals average out to about $4,200 each right now, and that likely wouldn't increase by more than a few thousand as they age, so pretty affordable I would say!) Sale horses will be cared for and treated--though not trained or shown/schooled--until they are 10 years old, at which point they will be moved to my retirement account. They will still technically be for sale upon request, they just won't be on the public market anymore.

Note: I will never take less than $1k for a horse, even foundies. Because even those untrained foundies cost 1k at the Equine Center, so I think it's perfectly fair to charge at least that much so that I can break even. If you are not willing to pay at least that for a horse you want, you'll just have to look elsewhere. Basically, please be reasonable. I never want newer players or those with lower funds to feel excluded or like higher-quality/well established horses are completely out of reach for them, but at the same time I don't run a charity, and I'm not going to give them out for free or at negligible prices after all the work I've put in. So if you ask me to lower my price, please give me a good reason why you think I should, and please be fair, considering it takes considerable irl time (and in some cases irl money!) to raise good lines. And in return I will be as fair and reasonable as possible too. :)

[Return Policy] 
If you ever bought a lined horse from me, and for whatever reason no longer wish to keep it, shoot me a message! I will buy back any/all lined horses bought from me (basically horses that are related to mine in any way, their pedigree contains one of my horses somewhere in it), regardless of age or number of foals produced. I would like to avoid horses from my lines ending up in the RC. I will not buy back the horse at full price, however I will pay 1k so that you can at least get yourself a new one from the EC if you wish!


If you're interested in doing business with me, here are the sought after (and disliked) coat colors of these stables: (as in these are the colors/patterns I either breed for and seek to buy, or will not keep/purchase.)
  • Preferred: Cremello, Dun (Black/Grullo, Bay/Classic), Buckskin, Dunskin, Palomino, Dunalino, Gold Champagne, Ivory Gold Champagne, Smoky Cream, Sooty, Silver, Flaxen

  • Avoided: Perlino, Red Dun, G/G grays, Classic Champagne, Roan, Rabicano, Pangare

If a color/pattern/marking was not mentioned, while it may not be what I strive for, I also don't mind it and don't make any effort to avoid it. (i do also make exceptions for colors that are less common for the breed, or colors that look good on specific breeds even though i usually don't like the color)

My absolute favorite colors are Flaxen Cremello, Silver Smokey Cream, and Flaxen Ivory Gold Champagne. It is the goal for most of my Creamies to end up as these.


These are mostly for me to quickly identify things about my horses without having to open their full page, but in case you're curious about what they mean, here are the symbols I use and their meanings:

✶ = born and bred right here at AEC, our own original lines (i would appreciate it if those who buy horses from me keep this symbol preferably somewhere in the horse's name, or at least in their public notes, but of course it's not a requirement or anything!)

❖ = officially recognized contributors to the Warlander gene pool on EV

⌘ = official members of the Golden Strider breed

❅ = mares. just a way to organize my divisions so things like managing treats is easier 

∯ = showing stock (horses I bred that have NSS under 60, but otherwise confo/stats too poor to sell or use as breeding stock)

〄 = primary line (horses that will continue my primary lines)

‡ = secondary line (horses that will continue my secondary lines)

♕ = lead mare in her division
♔ = lead stallion in his division
(so basically the top performing mare and stallion as far as 1st placements go, with show earnings as a tie breaker. this is not particularly important as far as gameplay goes, but it's just kinda fun for me to keep track of)

⁎ = 1 star, NSS is 55-60
⁑ = 2 stars, NSS is anywhere from 45 to 54
⁂ = 3 stars, NSS is 44 or lower
⍟ = elite, very low NSS (15 or less)
〤 = no stars, NSS above 60

♘ = strength
➶ = speed
ϟ = agility
♖ = intelligence
∞ = endurance
(one of these in their name means that is their top/highest stat)

⌜ = 1/5 white markings
⌝ = 2/5 white markings
⌟ = 3/5 white markings
⌞ = 4/5 white markings
□ = 5/5 white markings (face and all four legs)
⌧ = no white markings
ღ = glass (blue) eyes 


[the images in my tag and layout background are copyright/royalty-free images from a couple of royalty-free websites i found via some googling. photograph in my layout is from, can't remember which one my tag is from. used to use an AI-generated image as my tag, and as surprisingly good as it looked, more and more i find myself against AI when it comes to the arts (especially as a writer myself), so i removed it and will no longer be personally using or supporting the use of any form of AI when it comes to anything art related. i would like to have a properly commissioned layout & tag someday, but i'll have to save up first] :)



Hi, you can call me Mase, Aero, or Aeromase, any are fine! Pronouns you can use for me are they/them. I'm AuDHD, so that can effect my activity here sometimes as well as the way I communicate, so please keep this in mind and be patient with me. Usually if I'm going to be busy/away for a little while I lock my horses, otherwise I log on pretty much every day. Just fyi I am an adult in my latter 20s, so while I'm not at all against interacting with minors, I'm also not at all interested in befriending any, please keep this in mind and I hope we can all respect each others' boundaries. :)

I've played these types of games since I was a little kid, but as far as EV goes, I discovered this site and played for a short while back in 2020, but I've honestly forgotten pretty much everything, so I decided to just fully start fresh. I'm basically a little newbie again! Please be patient with me while I re-learn everything, and feel free to drop me some helpful tips and advice, especially if you notice I'm doing something counter-productive and dumb! haha


If you share any of the same interests (and are 18+), please feel free to shoot me a message! I am one of them anxious introverts, so I'm not likely to be the first to reach out no matter how cool I think you are. but I'm always willing to have a chat (and please be patient with me if/when my replies get sporadic and far apart, and i can be a bit direct/blunt sometimes but i promise i'm a nice person, that's just my adhd/autism coming through)! Here are a few things I currently enjoy:

+Kpop (ults are Monsta X, Dreamcatcher, and Hoppipolla, but I also stan Super Junior [who were my introduction to kpop over a decade ago lol], Astro, Stray Kids, Ateez, Got7, Nu'est, NCT, Pentagon, VAV, Oneus, f(x), and many more. and before I get asked, no, BTS is not part of that list)

+Anime/Manga (mostly sports anime, BL, or stuff relatively romance-free since it's just not my cup of tea, though there are a few exceptions. i absolutely love Haikyu!!, Hunter x Hunter, Banana Fish, Moriarty The Patriot, and Big Windup, and i also really enjoyed, Ace of The Diamond, YOI, Lovely Complex, Buddy Daddies, ACCA, Toradora, Sasaki and Miyano, etc)

+Video Games (Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, Ooblets, Undertale, Sims 4, Assassins Creed, Fifa, Minecraft, Mount & Blade: Warband, Rival Stars Horse Racing, Jurassic World Evolution 2, Our Life: Beginnings & Always [absolutely amazing VN i highly recommend, and also the demo for the second one, Our Life: Now & Forever is phenomenal so far too!].  i'm not into fps or games with a really heavy focus on violence tbh. i love exploring open worlds, building things, lore-heavy content, very well-written characters, and intricate or interesting storylines/plots you can fully immerse yourself in. and basically anything with horses or wolves lol.)

+Psychology and Science [been reading psychology books since I was 10, idk what to tell you man, it's just one of them random special interests. i just like learning things in general what can i say]

+Languages (fluent in English and American Sign Language as my first and second languages, somewhat conversational in Spanish due to living in California, know some spotty Japanese thanks to watching anime since my early teen years, and currently learning Korean, Romanian, and Mandarin because i love languages and i hate myself.)

+Music in general (kpop obv, but also rock, pop, classical, and i'm obsessed with movie and video game scores.)

+Travel (i was born in Eastern Canada--not far from Niagara Falls--so i go back often to visit family, and i've done a road trip even farther east in Canada so i've also been to Quebec and Prince Edward Island. i've driven across the U.S. 9 times throughout my life so i've been to or through most states, been to the Dominican Republic multiple times, New Zealand and Fiji once, South Korea twice. i love experiencing new cultures and learning about different countries' histories.)

+History, i just like learning haha

+Writing (i'm a writer, i'm working on a couple novels i hope to publish one day, and i have several short stories as well. i also used to write fanfic... but that's another story lol)

+Dogs and Wolves (Wolves are actually my favorite animal next to horses, and dogs are the closest i can get to wolves so i love them a lot haha. i have a 5 year old German Shepherd i've raised since he was 7 weeks and i adore him! i would have a dozen more dogs if i weren't a renter!)

+Volleyball (i love playing it recreationally, and watching it! i like Japan's Olympic team, and i'm not at all a patriotic person but i actually love the USA team as well... they're very lovable dorks. otherwise i don't really have favorite teams, i just love watching games regardless of who's playing)

+HGTV and general home renovating/purchasing-related shows (help i'm obsessed)

+Archery (self-taught, but i'd love to get proper instruction one day. i shoot a 35lb drawback recurve)

+Youtube... I watch a lot of gamers and reactors tbh. Some of my favorite YouTubers in general though are Safiya Nygaard, Vixella, Edward Avila, and Cinema Therapy.

If you actually read all of this then definitely send me a friend request and chat with me sometime! I could always use more friends who can tolerate my long-winded rambling! 

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