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Ariel's Song

"Getting back into EV"

My Goals:

  • To pick some breeds to focus on ✔

Tennessee Walking Horses

  • To find some higher Conformation horses ✔

  • To reach Level 6 ✔

  • To start breeding for better Conformation✔

  •  To reach Level 10✔

  • Register my horses in appropriate clubs

  • Genotype all my breeding stock

  • Breed my own 85+ Arabian

  • Breed my own 70+ TWH

  • Have some fun with my other breeds


  • Try to make EVD from them...

Unwanted horses-
I am willing to take most unwanted horses. Just send me a message through first.
I have taken on geldings, and senior horses that people no longer want.

Account Information
Member Name Ariel's Song
Member ID 126010
Account Type Basic
Joined April 10, 2020
Last Active 2021-10-09 18:29:23
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Money on Hand $1,310
Money in Bank $6,510,835
Player Level 15
Horses 34 / 85

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This Month 28172
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Level 15 Experience 38519 (8%) EXP Required 471262 EXP Left 432743

Ariel's Song's Horse Divisions
Arabian 70+ 6 horses
Not trained today
Arabians 3 horses
Not trained today
Foals- 0-3/Locked LOCKED 7 horses
Not trained today
Just for Funsies 4 horses
Not trained today
TWH's 12 horses
Not trained today
Unassigned Horses 2 horses

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Gypsy Vanner Club

Specialists Extraordinaire

EV Jump! Guild

Akhal-Teke Club

Equiverse Endurance Association

Arabian Club

American Morgan Horse Association

Arabian Horse Breeders Association

The LGBTQ+ Association

The "I Dare You" Club

Hearts Wild For Mustangs

Arabian Horse Dressage Association

Top Horse Club

The Equiverse Thoroughbred Club

Morgans of Color

Writers Guild

Preferred Specialties
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