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Hellloo! Welcome to my page. My name is Kim, and I'm a 90s baby. I live in Wyoming and I'm a dog groomer. While I love dogs, horses will always be my passion! Horses were a huge part of my life for my younger years and I hope to one day own some again(they're a spendy hobby for sure lol). I've been playing EV on and off since it was still I've always loved horse sim games and I've played just about all of them. EV has always stuck out to me though and I always end up back after disappearing here and there. I love making friends so if you ever wanna chat just send a message (-:

a r t

I'm getting into custom art and tag sales, currently! If you're looking for custom tags please send a message so we can talk about ideas. I have tons of unused tags that I've done nothing with yet, sadly! If I'm running a tag sale and slots run out please message me I may be able to squeeze you in! I also do art collabs with other players for fun so please inquire about that if interested (-: 

Tarte Meadows

Tarte Meadows is primarily focused on show jumping Welsh ponies and, as of recently, Chincoteague ponies. My lines are just starting out, but I'm happy with how they're coming along! I've started all my lines from foundation and do not breed my horses out to other lines. I'll do public breeding later on, in the future, when my lines are more established. My horses have a huge range of colors and patterns, which is one of my larger goals in my lineage. :-)


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