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"A closed mouth gathers no feet."

If you message me or add me to friends randomly after seeing me in the "Currently Online" list, I am absolutely going to ignore you. 

Thanks! <3

Account Information
Member Name Timberdoodle
Member ID 122935
Account Type Deluxe (217 days left)
Joined April 28, 2019
Last Active 2020-10-27 20:37:36
Member Information
Money on Hand $360,151
Money in Bank $25,107,923
Player Level 29
Horses 187 / 220

This member has not progressed their account yet today.

Player Points
Yesterday 55626
This Week 77886
This Month 937472
All Time 27246816
Show Winnings
Yesterday $28,940
This Week $47,331
This Month $705,106
All Time $16,312,732

Member Level
Level 29 Experience 530736 (22%) EXP Required 2350606 EXP Left 1819870

Timberdoodle's Horse Divisions
Baby Driver Locker LOCKED 20 horses
Trained today
Baby Drivers 8 horses
Trained today
Contenders 84 horses
Trained today
Driving Vanner Locker LOCKED 1 horses
Not trained today
Hurry Up and Breed 11 horses
Trained today
Locked LOCKED 51 horses
Not trained today
Newbies 3 horses
Not trained today
Retired 4 horses
Not trained today
Sales 0 horses
Show Stoppers LOCKED 5 horses
Trained today

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