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Rosewood Manor Equine

"Join my Discord! Mattie's Horse Talk (is not a public server). Check bio for link!"

My Horses

I breed Andalusians, Quarter Horses, Paints, Dutch Warmbloods, and Trakehners.  I have started on a Dressage Thoroughbred project as well.  I don't normally put my horses in the marketplace, but if I do, there's always a reason.  I DO NOT put ANY of my horses in the Rescue Center because some people have bought them from there and then starved them, killed them, and removed all of their records.  So I don't do that anymore.  My horses are usually always up for stud/brood and sometimes I have discount sales; so look out for those if you want the price to be lowered for anything!

Special Offers & Discounts

I will be having some more sales for the upcoming holidays and such, so be prepared for those as well.

My Branding

My branding is an Ace:  (name)  = bred by me.  (name)  = bred by another breeder.  My rescue branding is a lightning bolt: (name) ⚡ = rescued by me.  My project horse branding is a blue diamond: (name) 🔷 = project horse.

My Services

Here at Rosewood Manor Equine, we offer stallions at stud, mares at brood, and horses for sale.  However, I rarely sell horses unless they are low stat horses that I absolutely don't want.  If you need any help with something, message me!  If you need something like treats, tack, etc then again, just message me!  THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC STABLE; I do not offer boarding and do not allow anyone in my arenas except for myself and anyone that I personally allow to do so.  If you wish, check out a few of my forum posts as well as the "Calling All Riders" game that I created.  This is the last time I'll say it---message me if you have any questions or suggestions for my services!!!

Behind the Screen

Name: Madison

Home state: Kentucky

School?: Yes, I go to a public middle school

Horses: Cricket and Yellow (pronounced 'Yeller')

Riding discipline: Western speed eventing

Skills?: Art, Reading, Math, and horsemanship

Discord?: Yes, my name is Mattie on there (#4220), I'm on the EV Discord and I have my own server---that server is for equestrians only---join if you want

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Rosewood Manor Equine's Horse Divisions
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