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"The Western Riders Club's fee is just $10 for the month of December!"


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Current Mares

I do not brood out mares.

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Current Studs

All stallions go to public stud around 7 to 10 years. They retire from public breeding by 18 years of age.

The breeds available are as follows:

-Morgan Horses

-Paint Horses

-Quarter Horses


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- If I put letters in parenthesis () then that is to mark those horses from other player lines.

- If it is not up for sale, then it is not for sale.

- I raise mainly Morgans in the Endurance specialty.

- I breed at 11/12 and around 18.

- I will lock any Morgans with good stats, conformation, and unique color (mainly for future use).

- I will not inbreed. I will create store lines or make a new horse to be raised with any foal I breed.

- If a horse is not sold by 3 years old, then I will keep it for myself and raise them to be show horses only.

- Some lines I may continue just to get higher stats and better show horses.

- Not all of my lines will be available to the public. Some are just projects I work on for myself.

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ms Saratoga is no longer available for public breedings. Slipknot will retire in a few days.

2nd Generation studs are now available for public stud.

3rd Generation Morgan Horses are currently in the works!

Click here for the Morgan Breeders Directory.


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TCD's Horse Divisions
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Thoroughbreds - Shows Only 7 horses
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