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"Living Life"

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Dreamer's Stable
  • Hi, in real life I am a 21-year-old woman
with 3 pet rats and a butthole of a box turtle lolz 😂.
  • I get on almost every day unless life
prevents me from doing so.
  • If you inbox me and
it takes a couple days to respond, please be patient!
  • Always feel free to inbox me! If you just need someone to vent to without judgment I am here.
  • If you see any horses for sale and feel
they are overpriced please message me. More often than not I am willing to work out some type of deal. 
  • Occasionally I do what I call " Random acts of Kindness" meaning here and there when I have something I'm not using sometimes I will look at members online at that time and randomly pick one or more to receive said item(s).
I NEVER ask for anything in return for these items however, if you truly want to pay me back I can always use EVD.  Again, you never need to pay me anything I just understand some people hate taking free stuff and feel the need to pay 🤣😅😅
At this ranch I am focusing on breeding clean lined  Endurance Mustangs with as high of stats as possible. I will try to keep NSS low, but my main focus will be high conformation for now.
  • 🖤 All horses with this symbol were bred by someone else
  • 🐺All horses with this symbol were bred by me on my secondary account.
  • ☁️ All horses with this symbol were bred by me here.
All horses will be bred after reaching at least Na3 or 15 years of age. Whichever comes first. (Unless born higher than Na3  in that case they won't be allowed to breed till at least 5 years old) At such time stallions will be put up for stud and occasionally a mare or two All will have a minimum of 2 foals and a max of 8 if they birth great stated foals. Unless I decide otherwise. If you use any of my horses for stud/brood and  do not like the foal please let me know.  If I am able, I will buy them back  for the price you paid to breed to my horse. At 19 they will all be retired from breeding unless for my own personal project and at 20 all will be officially retired.

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