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Ardeth Bay is a Babe

"The Stables of Thebes All Around Arabians"

Welcome friends to The Stables of Thebes Brand(§☥)

About Us:

The Stables of Thebes breeds quality pure-blooded Arabian horses for affordable prices here on Equiverse. We have started over using many of our foundation Arabian lines to bring you non-inbred Arabians from our stables to yours. I am Ardeth Bay, and I welcome you to my Oasis among the Deserts, all of our Arabians are named after the most famous (and In-famous) Kings, Queens, Gods, Goddesses, Cities, and Temples (Both real and Fictional) of the golden sands of Ancient Egypt. We do honor other people's brands and will look for the original brand of horse we adopt from the adoption center or buy in the trades and private sales and return those brands to those horses. If a horse doesn't carry a brand it will be given our brand. 

Our Process:

Our process is simple, yet complex. We are not currently showing our horses, however, we do make sure they are put through Private Lessons for the max allowed in the game as well as see to each horse's individual skills training. As our horses train we will allow them to gain stats, before placing them in shows. This allows us to get our Arabians to max stats prior to breeding. Once a horse reaches the target goal for all stats (Currently 300+) we will breed our horses using 1 stud with our mares as test batches.

These batches will be available to the public for buying. Please remember to keep the brand. If a Foal scores over 200 overall skill points they will be kept within the herd and given a name. This will help set the bar for all future foals. 


Here at The Stables of Thebes, we have several symbols that we use in our horse's names, be on the lookout for these symbols many of them cannot or will not show up in the public note section.

  • §= Brand (Stables of Thebes) *Please do not remove this brand and replace it with your own if you do you will be blocked from all sales, studs, and broods.*

  • ⚡= Competition Class horses 

  • ✨= Hall of Fame inductee

  • ✂ = Geldings *This is to insure that our lines stay pure*


All studs come with a DFG, this means if you breed with one of our studs and the foal doesn't turn out the way you want it to you can sell that foal back to us and we will reserve the stud for 1EVD two more times. 

Foundation Studs:

  • Coming Soon


All of our broodmares are also covered by our DFG same rules apply as to the studs.

Foundation Broods:

  • Coming Soon


This is where our sales are located foals and horses will be posted in the horse classifieds as they finish their training or we get closer to inbreeding lines.

Breeding Partners:

I am currently looking for Breeding partners for Arabian Horses.
Requirements for being a breeding partner:

  • Friendly

  • No inbred lines (Foundations from new players welcome)

  • Not crossbred (I'm not doing crossbreeding as of yet)

What you will get in return:

  • A friend

  • First dibs on foals before they go up for sale

  • 1EVD private Broods and Studs


All of my threads will be posted here from time to time, so check out to see what's new.

Side Accounts:

If I'm not here I am most likely on one of my side accounts that deals with another breed. If you are looking for Quarter Horse you can find me on my Mand'alor The Rider account or if you are looking for Paints you can find me on my Darth Revan account (Link coming soon)

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