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Weathered Wonders

"Working on it"

Hi! Thanks for stumbling on my humble account. I am an adult player from Finland so you can count on me for being online at strange hours of the day.

I focus on low non-specialty stats and good conformation on the side. Horses with interesting colouring is a bonus but not a focus of mine. I also have a barn of older horses and so called project horses of various discipline and quality to keep the economy going.

I try to kep the number of foals per horse at three but sometimes I might exceed it to a maximum of four (but I try not to make it a habit).

If you are interested in a horse please message me, especially the horses in the Sales & Projects barn are up for stud and are very likely to be sold.


I use the following prefixes:

WM — Mustangs I have bred myself or bought as foundation horses
wm — Foundation Mustangs I have bought or rescued

WW — Warmblood horses (mainly Akhal tekes and Dutch warmbloods) I have bred or bought as foundation horses
ww — Foundation warmbloods I have bought or resqued

Ø — a closed line of Quarter Horses bred by me from rescued QH foundation horses (all foundation horses have been rescued and have the same prefix)

w — random projects (bred or raised from day one by me) 

Account Information
Member Name Weathered Wonders
Member ID 116840
Account Type Basic
Joined February 9, 2018
Last Active 2024-02-27 04:35:55
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Money on Hand $45,149
Money in Bank $5,776,642
Player Level 16
Horses 100 / 100

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This Week 1304
This Month 57880
All Time 2390102
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This Week $2,551
This Month $130,103
All Time $2,718,006

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Level 16 Experience 83359 (10%) EXP Required 792504 EXP Left 709145

Weathered Wonders's Horse Divisions
Andalusians LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
Endurance Mustangs 13 horses
Not trained today
Projects LOCKED 14 horses
Not trained today
Racing Thoroughbreds LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
Retirement Deluxe 4 horses
Not trained today
Weathered Mustangs LOCKED 17 horses
Not trained today
Western Paints & Endurance Mustangs LOCKED 17 horses
Not trained today
Wonderous Warmbloods LOCKED 13 horses
Not trained today
Ø Rescue LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today
Unassigned Horses 3 horses

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Cream Horse Society

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Equiverse Performance Association

Elite Racehorse Registry

Equiverse Thoroughbred Association

Low NSS Breeders Club

Equiverse Driving Association

The Tennessee Walking Federation

The Kindness Club

Akhal-Teke Club

American Quarter Horse Foundation Association (AQHFA)

Dutch Warmblood Society

The Horse Racing & Breeders Club

Magical Mustangs

Writers Guild

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