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"a carnival of causes and delight"

I N  R E A L  L I F E
On Equiverse I'm known as Olympea and have been since 2017. Who is the girl behind the screen though? Well, I'm a 36 year old female living in Wisconsin. My husband and I have been married since 2017. We have 4 kids and 1 angel baby. Our family also includes 2 horses, 1 mini donkey, 3 dogs, and 6 cats. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family(animals included), the show Supernatural, walking in nature, and I guess too many other things to name them all.

I do make layouts on Equiverse but do not often take custom orders, although you can always check. I try to get a couple of premade layouts up for sale each month. I accept EVD and EVC payment for layouts but prefer EVC so if you're offering EVC for a layout I'm probably going to be more open to making one.

Examples // one - two - three - four - five
E Q U U S  C A B A L L U S
My goal is to always improve conformation with each generation and keep horses at 60 or fewer nss. I also enjoy the nice colors but it isn't my main focus. I show my horses almost daily and take a lot of pride in providing quality driving stock to the world of Equiverse. 

Gypsy Vanners 
Miniature Horses
Paint Horses
Tennessee Walkers
Flowers by Nikous // Coding by Olympea

Account Information
Member Name Olympeaᵐ
Member ID 115391
Account Type Deluxe (416 days left)
Joined November 19, 2017
Last Active 2022-09-30 15:50:34
Member Information
Money on Hand $55,255
Money in Bank $48,688,040
Player Level 30
Horses 838 / 1300

Player Points
Yesterday 270866
This Week 1469704
This Month 9733676
All Time 247786190
Show Winnings
Yesterday $264,494
This Week $1,543,865
This Month $9,294,618
All Time $163,973,542

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 161467388 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -158127783

Olympeaᵐ's Horse Divisions
01 » Arabians 01 10 horses
Trained today
02 » Arabians 02 20 horses
Trained today
02 » Tennessee Walkers 01 30 horses
Trained today
03 » Clydesdales 20 horses
Trained today
03 » Morgans 01 34 horses
Trained today
04 » Chincoteagues 01 10 horses
Trained today
05 » Miniature Horses 30 horses
Trained today
06 » Gypsy Vanners 16 horses
Trained today
07 » Gypsy Vanners 16 horses
Trained today
08 » Friesians 6 horses
Trained today
09 » Chincoteagues 20 horses
Trained today
10 » Morgans 02 32 horses
Trained today
11 » Lipizzaners 40 horses
Trained today
12 » Paint Horses 20 horses
Trained today
13 » Friesians 20 horses
Trained today
14 » Gypsy Vanners 01 20 horses
Trained today
15 » Chincoteagues 20 horses
Trained today
16 » Gypsy Vanners 02 10 horses
Trained today
17 » Gypsy Vanners 03 20 horses
Trained today
18 » Gypsy Vanners 04 40 horses
Trained today
19 » Sales 4 horses
Trained today
Shady Pines » Gypsy Vanners 05 30 horses
Not trained today
x » Chincoteagues Dv g2 LOCKED 20 horses
Not trained today
x » Gypsy Vanners - S || Dv || G01 LOCKED 49 horses
Not trained today
x » Gypsy Vanners || Dv || G02 LOCKED 23 horses
Not trained today
X » Gypsy Vanners || g2.1 LOCKED 15 horses
Trained today
x » Gypsy Vanners || g2.m LOCKED 50 horses
Trained today
x » Gypsy Vanners || g2.s LOCKED 50 horses
Trained today
x » save for later LOCKED 40 horses
Not trained today
X » The Sorting Hat LOCKED 13 horses
Not trained today
x » the sorting hat - 2 LOCKED 47 horses
Not trained today
x. Gypsy Vanners // sj // g2 LOCKED 5 horses
Trained today
x. Junk 0 horses
x. Thoroughbreds G2 LOCKED 30 horses
Not trained today
xW » Gypsy Vanners || 02 LOCKED 16 horses
Not trained today
Not trained today

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