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"Building the Isle of Arcana"


Our Akhal-Tekes

Breeding Goals

Striving to breed quality Akhal-Tekes with Good/Excellent conformation across the board. We aim for improved intelligence and endurance, as befits the breed's heritage and function. Many of our Tekes provide genetic diversity as we use a holistic approach to breed development and manage multiple working lineages.

✨All "ѦRC" horses registered with the Akhal-Teke Club. New foals registered following evaluation.


The 2020 September Club Mascot is our prince, The Auryn Prince!


Featured Horses

Atakia - Smoky Black, Sabino filly


Other Breeds

We are currently breeding driving Clydestales for good conformation and max white markings without sabino.

We also have a number of other breeds in our stables including Gypsy Vanner, TB, TWH, Lipizzaner, Paint Horse, and Appaloosa. These horses are trained, showed, and bred purely for fun. However breeding matches are made carefully for increased stats and conformation in foals.

Learn about the real-life, endangered Akhal-Teke breed here.

Foundation Horses

The Stallion that Started It All

Aðgils | Palomino, stallion | 1066 stats | 63.26 conf | 483 end

The Mare that Changed the Game

Keyik Skakuni | Bay, mare | 1740 stats | 59.56 conf | 855 end

The Stallion Who Called for Intelligence

Merlin's Revenge | Bay-sabino, stallion | 769 stats | 59.85 conf | 317 int

The Intelligent Mare

Pearl of Soul | Perlino, mare | 706 stats | 54.61 conf | 315 int



Calling all endurance Akhal-Tekes to join the Endurance Akhal-Teke Club!

Offering custom bred foals from any of my Akhal-Tekes for $8,000.
Message me in you're interested!


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