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"The earth without art in it is just eh"

Hi there!

| My art instagram |

I only offer art through public auctions/raffles, please don't pm me asking for art!

Reason being that I have RL commissions and games I'm working on and so I have to be very strict about how much time I spend doing "fun art" on sims.

Offering art only through public auction or raffle helps me keep control of that. Sorry to disappoint!

Keep an eye on the art boards for when I'm offering a spot ;)

~ Breeding for clean lined, high conformation paints ~

Additional goals for Racing Paints:

- Tall height

- High END+SPD/low non-spec stats

Additional goals for Driving Paints:

- High END+STR/low non-spec stats

until converting+breeding or converting+showing depending on base non-spec stats

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