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hello, nari here! or stablegirl1, if you're from my childhood. i'm not really active anymore. catch me at @narmoparmo on twitter or my deviantart if you're interested in commissions or are an old friend looking to chat! i'm 28, finnish, and i use they/them pronouns.

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Member Name narimasha
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Joined January 01, 2008
Last Active 2023-09-21 18:11:39
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Money on Hand $10,427
Money in Bank $18,132,130
Player Level 14
Horses 30 / 75

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All Time 2617317
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All Time $31,726

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Level 14 Experience 83673 (20%) EXP Required 417450 EXP Left 333777

narimasha's Horse Divisions
andies LOCKED 2 horses
Not trained today
dutchies LOCKED 2 horses
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dutchies line II LOCKED 14 horses
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trakes LOCKED 12 horses
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