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the horses

I have quite a few different groups going on at the moment. I now sell all unwanted foals, and keep them until they are 3, at which point they get retired. If there is a group whose offspring you are interested in, please send me a message and I can let you know when I have foals available!

Welsh Ponies I am working towards having Welsh Ponies in every discipline. Right now I have Show jumping as my main focus, Dressage, and Endurance. I am trying to focus on stats/nss first, and color second. I find stats to be more important than color, so focus on that first.

Trakehners I have one group of Dressage horses. Stats, as usual, is my main focus with them. They are first generation and young and haven't really been worked with yet. 

Thoroughbreds I am working on my first generation of Racing TBs. I am trying to add some color, while keeping nss low.

Tennesse Walking Horses Somehow, and it was a complete accident, I ended up with Dressage, Endurance, Show Jumping, and Western walkers. I haven't really started them, and it happened on a whim and by accident.They will focus on nss/stats completely.

Quarter Horses I have Show Jumping and Western and both focus on stats and color. I would really consider these my secondary groups behind my welsh ponies. Show Jumpers are all first generation, and Western are on the second and third generation mixed together. 

Paint Horses I am working on my second generation Show Jumpers, and second generation Western groups. Both of these I will eventually add to, in either foundations or outside lines. If you have any second gen in those disciplines with low nss, I would be interested in adding unrelated bunches to these groups.

Miniature Horses This group started out as driving minis, but as I notices they were not showing well, I changed them to Western. This seemingly raised the showing capabilities as the nss were more suitable. I am hoping for generation two to have lower nss, and to keep some of the fun color and patterns. This is mostly just for fun now.

Lipizzaners I have one first generation group of Driving Lippis. They happened also by accident out of the rescue center. They will focus on nss being low. They're al named after characters/places in The Witcher.

Gypsy Vanners I have a Dressage first generation group, a first generation Racing group that happened by accident, and a failed Dressage group that at this point is only focused on color. The last group had parents whose nss somehow got out of control. They would fail at showing, and while I may school them before breeding in some attempt to breed down nss in the future, I don't love them as much as I used to. The other two groups will focus on nss first and color second once I finally get them going. 

Dutch Warmbloods I have one group of first gen Show Jumpers. They focus on nss lowering, and all started from a random rescue center find. A couple had foals, but they aren't alive any longer so I count everything as having no foals and clean. 

Clydesdales I have second generation Driving and second generation Racing Clydes. The driving are all mine, and the racing I bought from Dr. Tanner. Both are raised for stats, and I try to breed out most of the sabino, and add in a chestnut or two because I really enjoy them. I am not motivated to breed out sabino in its Sb+ form, as I like slight variety and find the Sb+ to be just enough to add some variety. 

Chincoteagues I have a decent sized group of Show Jumping Chincos. The issue currently lies in the fact their ages are all over the board. So I need to split them and age accordingly, as I paired them with no concern for age. I am not motivated to do such a thing right now, so they will remain locked for a bit until I can find the desire to separate and age them to all be the same.

Arabians I only have four first generation Endurance horses, and their foals. I will pick the best foals from each pair. I think I will either just work with the two best foals, or I will purchase a few other endurance arabians and add them in. This will always be a small group for me I think. 

Andalusians I have one second generation Dressage group, and a group of Foundations that will be aged up to mix into the second gens to create a larger group. I ended up liking them more than expected, so this was my quick way of creating a larger group to work with.

about me

The name is Hayley. I am 26 years old from the US. I live with my fiancé and my dog CINCH . I graduated university in 2016 with a B.S. in Biological Science. I used to work as a lab tech at a large brewery, but we currently move around a lot for my fiancés job, so I stay home with the puppy. I love photography, I have a tattoo, and I enjoy going on adventures with my fiancé and Cinch. I've been on EV for a bit now, and I have loved every minute of it.

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