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"uber me to outer space"


-Art Information-

need to update!

-Important Info-

Dressage - Yellow + Green Apple
Racing - Turnip + Carrot
Driving - Turnip + Red Apple
Show Jumping - Yellow Apple + Carrot
Endurance - Turnip + Green Apple
Western - Green Apple + Carrot


As of now my aim is to breed solid black clydesdales, i'm starting to venture out into solid chestnut clydesdales however that is not my priority. I'm also aiming to get base stats 400+ and a conformation of 60+.
Here's a little explanation of the code in the names.
'+' - Solid Black
'C' - Solid Chestnut
[bb] - Black
[BB] - Bay
[CC] - Chestnut
[Sb] - Minimal Sabino
[SBsb] - Maximum Sabino

-About Me-

Hi, I sometimes make art, I also sometimes buy art. I enjoy looking at pretty pixel ponies >.<
+8 EV time!

-Main Characters-

Main Characters 

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