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I accept all friend requests :) I'm always down to chat, I don't bite lol

Account Information
Member Name onoxy
Member ID 103229
Account Type Basic
Joined July 28, 2016
Last Active 2023-09-21 17:12:08
Member Information
Money on Hand $1,193
Money in Bank $3,180,807
Player Level 14
Horses 40 / 65

Player Points
Yesterday 14862
This Week 31576
This Month 245694
All Time 1980148
Show Winnings
Yesterday $35,404
This Week $56,262
This Month $452,159
All Time $2,348,817

Member Level
Level 14 Experience 271100 (64%) EXP Required 417450 EXP Left 146350

onoxy's Horse Divisions
foals 7 horses
Trained today
FOR SALE 2 horses
Not trained today
Quarter Mile 8 horses
Not trained today
show string 18 horses
Not trained today
vanner way 5 horses
Not trained today

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Quarter Horse Club

Preferred Specialties
Quarter HorseWesternStats
Gypsy VannerDrivingStats