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2nd Gen. Paint Foals

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2nd Gen. Paint Foals

#87011 Posted on 2017-01-11 07:53:29

18yo Paint Breeding resulted in some nice foals! c:
Priced separately, but always love when they go as a group.
Prices based on stats and color, confos all 50+.
Specialties preset to Western. Genotypes revealed.

All regular sales rules apply, buyers will be vetted.


Foal One - Mare
Colony Claim x Tasty Range
Birth Stats: 389
Bay Frame Overo Roan (Ee Aa Rn+ Oo)
Confirmation: 59.10
Price: $40,000

Foal Two - Stallion
Colony Claim x Tasty Range
Birth Stats: 382
Classic Cream Champagne (EE aa Crcr Chch Rbrb T+)
Confirmation: 57.21
Price: $45,000

Foal Three - Mare
Supreme Melody x Venomous Blush
Birth Stats: 386
Brown Dun (EE Ata Dd RnT)
Confirmation: 56.28
Price: $45,000

Foal Four - Mare
Dear Pride x Serpentine Shiver
Birth Stats: 399
Palomino (ee AAt Crcr RnRn)
Confirmation: 58.38
Price: $50,000

Foal Five - Stallion
Antique Grove x True Draught
Birth Stats: 400
Cremello (ee aa CrCr Rbrb)
Confirmation: 55.18
Price: $50,000

Foal Six - Stallion
Addicted Mess x Placid Plague
Birth Stats: 412
Smoky Cream (EE aa CrCr Rn+ Spsp)
Confirmation: 53.35
Price: $50,000

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