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Character Contest 500k Prize

#195451 Posted on 2018-11-29 18:24:44

So I decided to add another to my Star Wars characters. I decided I wanted to have Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. I would like it set up like Luke's ref, with two lightsabers (do not need to do a deactivated one). I am picturing a split in half ref for him, with one side representing Anakin and one side Darth Vader, but if you can think of another cool way to do it, feel free to do something else!

Darth Vader
Anakin Skywalker
Young Anakin
Sith Eyes
Regular Eyes
Anakin's lightsaber, blue blade
Vader's lightsaber, red blade

So some wants/needs:
One eye needs to be Sith color and the other regular, if you do a split ref, his left eye would be sith and right regular
Must include the scar that is about his right eye
Must include the lightsabers on the lower half of the ref
Must include names, preferably with the font like the one in Luke's ref (its called Star Jedi)
You could include some aspect of young Anakin, maybe a streak of blond hair, but totally up to you not a necessity.

Prize: 500k (could increase)
End Date: Undetermined, sometime in 2019 though.

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