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"I aim to misbehave."





My Layout

Note: The manip on this page was commissioned by me and paid for with real money. The horse featured in it is of my OC, Baelfire. Please do not use this manip under any circumstances.
P.S. Yes, I'm aware that it has a copyright signature on it. That signature says "Allison Burt" who goes by SilverSummerSong on deviantart. If you wish to follow her on dA, I'm sure she'd be glad of another watcher.


What you should know

Name:: Mouse
Age:: 31
Gender:: Female
Location:: Southern US
Relationship:: Married
Western Zodiac:: Cancer
Eastern Zodiac:: Dragon
Personality Type:: INTJ-T
Pets:: 3 cats (Male Tux | Female Black | Female Tortoiseshell)
Favorite Holiday:: Halloween
Character Traits:: Sarcastic | Straight-forward | Random | Introvert | Creative
Diagnosis:: PTSD | Depression | Social Anxiety | Insomnia
Phobias:: Clowns | Spiders

NOTICE:: I'm a total space case. I will forget things. I have chronic pain and illness, so please bear with me. Gentle reminders are all I need. Thanks for your patience 

Nerds Do it better

Top Gear BBC                          Harry Potter                                                         Miss Marple                                           The 4400                                            The Magicians
Doctor Who                             The Lord of the Rings                                         The Avengers                                         The Incredible Dr. Pol                     Anne with an E
Firefly                                       The Hobbit                                                            Rose Red                                                 Sherlock                                            Vampire Diaries
Star Wars                                  Serenity                                                                 Dungeons and Dragons                       Numb3rs                                           The Witcher
Star Trek                                   Monty Python and the Holy Grail                    Supernatural                                           Psych                                                Once Upon a Time
The X-Files                               Murder, She Wrote                                              Revolution                                              Bones                                                Charmed (the original)
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