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"Have Local, Regional and National Arenas available in every discipline!"

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I am an Equiverse Moderator, so I can help you if you have problems, but before shooting me a message PLEASE check out the help section and FAQs located on the right hand side of your menu bar(that big black thing with the white writing). The Game Guides Section of the forums can also be super helpful. In fact I have a few guides there.

If you're having serious issues with a player or a bug I recommend sending in a Help Ticket with all the pertinent information. I'm here is you just need to chat though, or if there's a problem I can help you with after you've searched for yourself a bit.
Best of luck in all your endeavors!

Sales and Studs

See our Forum post For more information.
Any horse in the Studlies division will be up for public stud or general sale. Other Touchstone Horses are available by contract or special only. Contact for details.

Touchstone Designs

Sometimes I do the art thing, it's pretty rare though. I could potentially do the coding thing, but only in about two styles. In either case it would probably be costly, but I could be bribed, I especially like treats.
I have access to many of my old bases so potentially could Throwback Thursday that stuff any time.

My Camelot

My Camelot Line is named for people, places, and things from the BBC show Merlin. I started the line when my Real Life Horse AZA Macho Man died in 2010. To help revive the line I started a secondary line with the pedigree of my real life horse Le Fireworks (AKA Opie xD). These guys are specialized in Endurance.


The original Line of Arabs! All horses have names that are misspelled. They're all specialized in Endurance. This line and the Fizgig line are slowly merging into My Camelot. Might be time for a refresher soon!

Shetland Ponies
Ivana's Mix and Match

The ponies were originally named for Ponies from my great Grandfather's farm, where my own two lovely boys came from, as well as random tv show characters. They specialize in Driving.

Dutch Warmbloods
Dictionary Reference

The line that used to be Swedish Warmbloods. The longest line at Touchstone, they are specialized in Show Jumping and named for random vocab words.

Streets of Starlight

Formerly Olendeburgs, they started with my little castoff, Lucky Coin, who later became one of the top Oldenburgs. The horses are named for variations for famous and random things relating to streets and space, many a noble horse and a scoundrel they vary. They specialize in Dressage.

Trake the Bank

Trakes started after the Recode. Specialized in Dressage their names are all plays on the word take!

Thoroughbreds of Sin
Evil League of Evil

The Thoroughbreds of Sin are named after the Villains in the ELE from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and other television, movie, or book villians. All these guys and girls will be black, like the heart of those in the ELE. They specialize in Racing.

Western Wonders
Bluesmobile & Delorean

Quarter Horses named for movies from the 80s. now also plays on Dun. These kids specialize in western.

Coastal Drifters

These ponies are named for beachy places and things around the world. They specialize in Western.

Dun Been Painted

Paint Horses with Dun genes! They also specialize in Western.

Royal Spots

Appaloosas with old timey names. They also specialize in western.
-discontinued, single horses now available for Stud/Brood

All About Me

I'm a female player on the downhill side of 20 from the Western US. I've graduated with a degree in Animal Science and Management and am working in a job that has little to do with animals but at least is in the ag sector. I own no ponies right now :[, along with the weirdest weird of a cat.
I've been on EV since I found it from Horseland in November of 2006. I've loved it through every incarnation and hope to be here for a good long while. I have accounts on various other sims under the same name but only actively play on one. My name comes from my favorite of books, Sabriel by Garth Nix.

All About the Stables
Touchstone Stables

Touchstone is the name of Sabriel's husband in the books, but since there are no husbands in the game I adopted it as my stable name. Our home stable is mostly Private, but both spare accounts are open to the public.
Touchstone Arenas currently have International, National, Regional, Local and Novice Arenas of all disciplines available at the lowest respective prices. They are ordered by number into their respective grades. All arenas have over 100 spaces with plans to continue expansion.
Touchstone Stables also boasts a premiere Riding School, offering three types of lessons, Paperwing Private Lessons, Seven Bells Group Lessons, and Trail Rides Across the Wall.
I try to Create shows everyday in the places where it is needed most. I use the names of my Arenas as show names. Holehallow Dressage, Clayrs Glacier Driving, Ratterlin Endurance, Belisaere Racing, Ancelsiterre Show Jumping, and High Bridge Western. I used to use Cloven Crest Conformation for conformation shows before the recode.

Account Information
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Sabriel's Horse Divisions
*Studlies 19 horses
Trained today
Arabians-Misspelled, My Camelot LOCKED 13 horses
Trained today
Bluesmobile & Delorean 7 horses
Trained today
Coastal Drifters 3 horses
Trained today
Dictionary Reference 0 horses
Dun Been Painted 5 horses
Trained today
Ivana's Mix and Match 13 horses
Trained today
Ivana's Mixed Bunch 3 horses
Trained today
Streets of Starlight & Trake the Bank 6 horses
Trained today
Thoroughbreds of Sin 5 horses
Trained today
zy. Youngstock 8 horses
Trained today
zz.Locked LOCKED 28 horses
Trained today
zz.Retired 1 horses
Not trained today
zzz1. Endurance LOCKED 4 horses
Trained today
zzz3. Driving (3yo TBs) LOCKED 18 horses
Trained today
zzz4. Racing (Shetlands 20&1) LOCKED 10 horses
Trained today
zzz5. Show Jumping (3yo DWBs) LOCKED 51 horses
Trained today
zzz6. Western (19&1 Chincos) LOCKED 31 horses
Not trained today

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