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Currently I am on semi-hiatus. I'm only logging in to collect daily interest and occasionally lurk the forums

Please note that I do not accept random friend requests

Horse for sale/stud:
All horses in the 'Silver Smiths' division are available for breedings if they are under 18. Just shoot me a message! If I don't get back soon (I'm a very sporadic player) then find me in EV's Discord channel!

I am not currently looking to buy horses
Most breeding projects are on hold.

I currently have a massive Endurance Shetland breeding project that's on my spare. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to take care of them so stud and brood services aren't currently available for them specifically.
My breeding programs are a bit all over the place at the moment since real life has been keeping me busy. For purposes of leveling things up I have a massive group of mixed horses that I picked up from the rescue center/from players in the division titles 'Silver Smiths'. Breedings to any of those horses are available upon request and depending on the horse, I'm willing to give some away to players who have started EV within a 1-6 month period.
Other breeding projects include Mustangs, cream Welshes, and who knows what else.
Hello! I'm Eliza, or as a bunch of people have dubbed me, Simba. I'm a female adult player from a mountain somewhere in the US who oftentimes has slow internet; It's the bane of my EV existence really. In my spare time I like to draw via either pencil and paper or digitally, read, play games, ride horses, as well as hang out in streams put on by players on this site.

Besides art, I am also very avid in participating in taekwondo and currently work in the craziness of the restaurant business.

When it comes to riding horses, I used to be very avid. I've done dabbled in dressage, western mounted drill at speed, liberty, miniature chariot driving, as well as just good old hacking out on the trail. Currently I just stick to leisure rides on my neighbor's horses whenever I can get over there ^-^

Commission Status:

Unfortunately due to a great deal going on in my life, commissions will remain closed until further notice. If I at all have the time to take on requests by EV members I will post a topic in the forums <3

Character Design Rules:
Can be used anywhere though I ( must be credited on all future refs
Do not alter the design without permission -scars, war paint, and accessories are fine
Do not resell for more than the purchase price unless accompanied by art
Gift/Giveaway designs may not be resold, only re-gifted or be write/draw to adopt
Notifying me before reselling is appreciated (I may even buy it back)
Any future owners must also know these rules.

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