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"another code-based layout for sale in Other Art Sales!"

danielleinfp // sagittarius // she her

i'm a 22 year old university student studying computer engineering. i like coding, playing with photoshop, world of warcraft, survival horror video games, arguing in facebook groups and dunkin donuts caramel macchiatos even though they hurt my insides. i'm a pretty boring person.

i grew up on an appaloosa farm and used to be obsessed with horses, but alas i'm not anymore and now i only associate with pixel versions of them.

i have a super long history playing this game and have been around here since about 2007 before the 2008 recode. you might know me as aesthetic or dani. yeah, i still exist. weird.
starfall equestrian
my stable is called starfall equestrian and is private for me only because i'm a meanie.

i have both appaloosas and paint horses, all of which specialize in western and were purchased straight from the horse store or whatever it's called. they have very low stats and points compared to all the other horses who had already established lines, so i'm starting with a massive disadvantage, unfortunately.

however, i still love my pixel ponies anyways even though they suck ♥
what, you think i spend all day at my computer for no reason? because i do and you aren't wrong. make my excessive computer usage worthwhile, order stuff from me!

i make layouts and photomanipulations. i can really do whatever, honestly. unless i can't. that is possible too. but still, the link to my portfolio website with examples and pricing is below.


website // instagram // steam
layout entirely coded by me, vraylar

background image from, which is a really awesome site and you should look at it if you haven't

shout out to my mom for giving birth to me

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