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"Loving EV!"

starfall equestrian
updatesrecent happenings 3/27made a new layout to procrastinate doing homework, ya know, the usual. i also locked all of my paint horses & quarter horses because i have waaaay too many horses and it's getting out of control to take care of them. i'll unlock them later when i'm not feeling so easily overwhelmed.
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starfall equestrian western & jumping champions

starfall is my stable where i train, show and breed appaloosas, quarter horses and paint horses, with appaloosas as my main focus. my quarter horses, paint horses, and half of my appaloosas are western riding horses while the other half of my appaloosas are show jumpers. in everything i breed, i breed for high conformation. i will breed my pairs around 15 years old and possibly sell off a foal. please feel free to ask me if you'd like to buy or sell horses!

my breeding project high confo appaloosas

i'm beginning with a herd of appaloosas in both western and show jumping that mostly have less than 65 conformation. my goal is to breed them all for the highest conformation possible through responsible pairing. high conformation appaloosas aren't easy to come by on ev, and i hope to help change this.

cariprazinethe girl behind the screen

my name is danielle. i'm a 22 year old computer engineering student living in buffalo, new york. i like programming, gaming, world of warcraft, designing layouts, and taking naps to avoid doing work. pineapple belongs on pizza and if you don't think it does, you're wrong. i grew up on an appaloosa farm so now i have a soft spot for those spots. (ha) i can lick my elbow and i speak one entire language, albeit poorly.

charactersthe littlest herd

layoutsmade by me for you
i make layout code. i don't make layout images, i just use photos from or or an image you made, given it has acceptable dimensions. whatever you have in mind, i can probably do it - feel free to message me.


pricing is as follows:
complete cover up: 750k
full page scroll: 600k
non-full-page expandable: 450k

buttons: 200k
tabs: 200k
accordions: 100k
frequently asked questionsclearing up some things
01can you make me a layout? yeah, maybe. you can click the services button on my layout and it'll say if my orders are currently open or not. pricing information is all right there as well.
02what are the prices of your layouts? if you ask me this i'm going to find you and hurt you. please read the services button on my layout.
03do you want to buy my horse? maybe. message me and ask.
04can i buy your horse? maybe. message me and ask. probably not, though.

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STARFALL // Appaloosas {Jumping} YA/C 20 horses
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STARFALL // Appaloosas {Western} GA/C 37 horses
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STARFALL // appy babies 3 horses
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STARFALL // Geldings 10 horses
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STARFALL // paint babies LOCKED 5 horses
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STARFALL // Paints LOCKED 29 horses
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STARFALL // qh babies LOCKED 1 horses
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STARFALL // quarter horses LOCKED 19 horses
Not trained today
STARFALL // Retirement 0 horses
STARFALL // Sale Barn 0 horses

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