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"Everything is for sale!"

08.04.2017 - Whoop! This is officially a Dressage focused barn!  My Clydesdales have been reduced in numbers drastically and Gypsy Vanners have moved in because I adore the drafts but the Clydesdales just didn't look right in Dressage tack.  I still have a few Clydesdales that are older and I feel compelled to keep them for now.  Slowly transitioning all the Arenas to dressage since I now have a massive amount of dressage horses lol.
08.02.2017 - Welp I've decided to slowly convert most of my horses over to dressage.  Still unsure if I like the dressage take on the Clydes but moving the rest to that makes buying gear and treats a lot easier.  The Dutchies and Quarters are already converted, the Appys and Lippies will be set to dressage when aged up so that leaves the Trakes and TBs to convert.  I'll probably start with the Trakes and then move to the TBs.
07.23.2017 - Well first tags acquired, characters acquired, and added Appaloosa's to the Lancaster Crown.  Currently weeding out impulse line heavy purchases/breedings, expect a few horses to pop up for sale soon.  Showing is under way and the majority are doing alright for being foundation stock, Melbourne, Bismarckia, and Kee Bird are doing alright in their respective contests though no hint of winning lol.  Forcing myself to spend time deciding which horse will be bred to which and adding public notes to each horse.  
07.09.2017 - Whoo! A fantastic layout designed by the fantastic Styx.  She's amazing and did this wonderfully fast!  Now I feel all official because having a layout is important in my book.  Up next a tag, signature and a character to call my own lol.   

Welcome to Lancaster Stud, a private collection of equine with specific goals in mind.  We occasionally offer equine for sale and public stud/brood though it's infrequent at the moment as we're just getting out feet off the ground.  Lancaster Stud is a dedicated dressage stable, meaning all our breeds will specialise in dressage.

Current Projects:
Project Black:
Our Thoroughbreds, Dutch Warmbloods, Lippizzaners and Friesians will be focusing on obtaining EE genetics while maintaining no grey, good conformation and continuously improving stats.  The Dutch Warmbloods will also be focusing on the tobaino gene and the Thoroughbreds will also focus on overo gene.

We have no project yet to belong too:
The Trakehners - confo/stats, possible color goals.  Outcrossing acceptable.
The Quarter Horses - strict in house lines, white markings, seal bay <3
The Gypsy Vanners -  drafts, shiny, confo/color playthings
The Appaloosas - mostly in house lines, possible Kayos lines added.  Snow cap/blanket goals
The Andalusians - small batch, color/confo goals to be decided

The Clydesdales
These are my lone drivers, they were scooped up from the RC and Ive grown attached.  They will be breed and the foals sold off to breeders whole will put them to better use.  1 foal per pair.  The adults will be retired to this account.

Noteworthy Stuff:
Dressage: Agility (Yellow Apples) & Intelligence (Green Apples)
Driving: Strength (Red Apples) & Endurance (Turnips)
Endurance: Intelligence (Green Apples) & Endurance (Turnips)
Racing: Speed (Carrots) & Endurance (Turnips)
Show Jumping: Agility (Yellow Apples) & Speed (Carrots)
Western: Intelligence (Green Apples) & Speed (Carrots)

The following horses are available for sale....


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