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Saturday, Febraury 3rd 2017: Kind of back on EV, more so for the art aspect of the game. Commissions are closed, but once/twice a week i'll have a tag auction going. I need to creatively be able to make whatever I want to keep me interested in designing. Meh.

I also redid my header image for my layout to include my latest designs and characters. Meet Malibu and (unnamed character) lol.

My personal interest on Equiverse is Gypsy Vanner's, I'm obsessed with all the color combinations and genetics. I usually always have a couple horses for sale, all the others are not available. I breed for color and conformation, I have a side project going for stats but its not on the forefront of my mind at the moment. I currently do not have any public stallions available, maybe down the line, but currently all my stock is still pretty young. 

I offer various art/design services, prices are subject to change, but for the most part I will try to keep this updated.

I. Payment for large art pieces/layouts are to be paid after I complete your order. I hate feeling rushed because someone has paid. I'm a perfectionist.. so please bare with me.
II. Please know that if you order a custom large art piece or custom tag, recolors of that tag will never be offered to others. You will always have a one of a kind piece. You are allowed recolors of the same design for yourself at a discounted price.
III. I will always give a rough estimate of your order completion, but I will not GUARANTEE any specific time frame. Life tends to happen, but please know its on my to-do list.
IV. As of right now I will not accept credits for large art, layouts and custom tags. Credits are accepted for recolors of tags that I post for auction.

Custom Tags: 750k (subject to an extra 50k for add ons and tack)
Large Art: 750k for head portraits // 1mill for full body
Layouts: Range of 350k to 4 million
**There is a large range because there are lots of options for layouts, they can come with full, custom art. Or for a more budget friendly option, a photo manipulation.

ANIMATION; I have successfully made a handful of animated tags and signatures. And I feel comfortable offering this service to the public as customs. Animation is a very time consuming process, thus won't be cheap. But if you're looking for something flashy and unique, this is an awesome option. Animated designs are usually 3-35 frames. Pricing is an additional 500k to 3 million depending on what kind of action you want. I can do leg movements, sparkling stars, ear and tail flicks, eye blinks etc. Whatever you want, I could probably make happen.


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