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[B] Breeding [/b]

I'm breeding Welsh Pony's as my main breed.
My goals are a own incest free line with both great stats and color.
All our horses will only breed twice at 17 yo and 18 yo.
New blood will be added every time to keep the line clean.

We also own a current line on Confo breeding.
Currently we try to breed a pony so high als possible.
We own the 6 best Confo Welshy's on the game so that's pretty cool.

I also breed Chincoteague Pony's with lovely Blue Jester.
We started at 25-09-2016 and we have a lot of fun together !
The Second day of our collaboration we hit the #1 Spot for best Chincoteague Conformation.
We can't wait to see more of our horses in the Hall of Fame


Maan II & Maan III are my other accounts =D
I do not use them at the moment.

Intelligence and Agility affect Dressage,
Speed and Intelligence affect Western,
Speed and Agility affect Jumping.
Endurance and Intelligence affect Endurance,
Strength and Endurance affect Driving, and
Speed and Endurance affect Racing.


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