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Rising Dawn

"behind the mask of the pride there is nothing left but empty words of loneliness"

Rising Dawn's Stuff and Things
Farm in the Country is my retirement account.


Andalusian Club Overlord
March 2016-April 2016-May 2016-June 2016-July 2016-August 2016-September 2016-October 2016-November 2016
Friesian Club Overlord
December 2016

Tennessee Walking Horse Club Overlord
May 2017


Some of my horses may have related lines top & bottom if you go far enough back in their pedigrees. While I generally try to avoid doing this, sometimes I'm left with little choice. Besides, after four or so generations I really don't care much anymore, as it doesn't affect anything. This mainly applies only to my Andalusians and TWHs, but if you're looking at horses to purchase and this is something that is of concern to you, please be sure to check pedigrees!

Horses are placed for sale under the generally accepted pricing model of $10K per every 100 stats. For example, a horse with 800 stats would generally be listed for $80K ($80,000). Deviations in pricing are based on things such as age or conformation, or foundation horses (since obviously a 200-stat foundation isn't worth $20K! lol). I do not accept "offers" on horses that are listed for open public sale.

I do not overbreed my lines, nor do I breed to/purchase outside overbred lines. As a general rule, if you buy a horse directly from me, that is the product of my own lines, you won't have to worry about overbreeding anywhere in the pedigree. If you purchase a product of my lines from another player, I can't make any guarantees about what you'll get.

The Unofficial Equiverse Help Site is finally here! As there have been a lot of struggling players lately, I've thrown this together in an attempt to get people turned in the right direction. It is presently not complete; I'll work on it as I have time.

My personal stallions are not generally made publicly available. There may be occasional exceptions.


My electronica/EDM/EBM project: Adverse Impulse

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Is this what's left of me - Debilitated life - Look back and see nothing but myself wasted - This is what's left of me - What's left will be destroyed - Is it ever ending - My self hatred

Why can't I ever feel?
---Aesthetic Perfection, "Living the Wasted Life"

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Rising Dawn's Horse Divisions
Akhal-Tekes 19 horses
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Andalusians - Mares 60 horses
Trained today
Andalusians - Stallions 50 horses
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Dutch Warmbloods 41 horses
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Foundation Friesians 21 horses
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Friesians 68 horses
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Paints 45 horses
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Tennessee Walkers 72 horses
Not trained today
Thoroughbreds 42 horses
Trained today
Trakehners 57 horses
Trained today
z - Foundation Stallion Project 9 horses
Not trained today
z - Patterned Vanners 28 horses
Not trained today
z - Solid Vanners 57 horses
Not trained today
zz - For Sale 14 horses
Trained today
ZZ - LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today
zzzzz - empty 0 horses
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