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"i miss my puppy :( ♥"

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.notes to self.



Show Jumping:


Breeding Goals: Highest stats possible & below 60 NS, in addition to the following:

ar - black/sabino/flaxen
fr - chestnut
mo - dilutes
qh - seal brown
tr - dilutes/KIT

name organization:
d - driving
g - dressage
r - racing
s - show jumping
w - western
p - speed
t - strength
a - agility
i - intelligence
e - endurance

more goals:
Own a 2k Stated Horse
Own a 2.5k Stated Horse
Own a 3k Stated Horse
Own a 3.5k Stated Horse
Own a 4k Stated Horse
Own a 5k Stated Horse
Breed a 500 Stated Foal  Illegal Cauldron X Meadow Fantasy
Breed a 750 Stated Foal
Breed a 1000 Stated Foal
Breed a 1250 Stated Foal
Breed a 1500 Stated Foal
Breed a 1750 Stated Foal
Breed a 2000 Stated Foal
Save 1m EVD
Save 2m EVD
Save 3m EVD
Save 4m EVD
Save 5m EVD
Save 10m EVD
Save 15m EVD
Save 20m EVD

horses to breed soon:
Owned horses over 18

Owned Foals

Riding School Prospects -  Sales

Riding School Prospects - Rescue Center
There are no news! I don't keep them updated! :)
This is simple... I have too many. xP

I focus mostly on Racing Arabians, Western Morgans, Driving Friesians and Show Jumping Trakehners. I liked the art of most of the other breeds so much though, I have a few of each breed, which will probably make me go broke. Oh well. .characters.
All of the following artwork is copyright Bronzehalo @dA and myself.

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