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There are no news! I don't keep them updated! :)


Hello! I am an Equiverse moderator. This means I help the owner Abbey make sure all the members are playing nice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the help (at the top right side of the navigation). This help has a lot of useful information such as a FAQ.

If you're level 3 or higher (you can level up by caring for your horses and entering them in shows), you can also use the "help, I'm lost" forum board to ask any game related questions. Members tend to be rather quick about helping answer questions.

If you're still having problems playing, or you're having a problem with another player, or you see a member breaking the rules (which are at the bottom of every EV page, and you are required to know them.) THEN is the time to send in a mod ticket (you can find that in help). Please be as thorough as you can. The more information provided, the easier it is to take care of the problem. Provide screen caps (google that if you don't know how), links and details.

.about me.

I'm too lazy to fill this out. If you really want to know you can always ask generic questions. xP


This is simple... I have too many. xP

I focus mostly on Racing Arabians, Western Morgans and Driving Gypsy Vanners. I liked the art of most of the other breeds so much though, I have a few of each breed, which will probably make me go broke. Oh well.

.notes to self.




Show Jumping:


Breeding Goals: Highest stats possible, in addition to the following:

at - dilutes/sooty/sabino
an - dilutes
ap - solid/dilutes
ar - black/sabino/flaxen
ch - dilutes/sabino/overo/splash
cl - solid
dw - tobiano/roan
fr - chestnut
gv - dilutes/solid
li - not gray
mi - dilutes/sabino/tobiano/overo/splash/pintoloosa
mo - dilutes
mu - dilutes/sabino/splash
ph - dilutes
qh - dilutes/KIT/splash
sp - dilutes/splash
tw - dilutes/sabino/splash
tb - dilutes/pinto
tr - dilutes/KIT
wp - dilutes/pinto

horses to breed soon:
Owned horses over 18

Owned Foals

name organization:
d - dressage
p - driving
e - endurance
r - racing
s - show jumping
w - western
p - speed
t - strength
a - agility
i - intelligence
e - endurance


All of the following artwork is copyright Bronzehalo @dA and myself.


Account Information
Member Name kimtia
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Joined January 01, 2008
Last Active 2018-06-20 21:08:55
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Money on Hand $290,495
Money in Bank $4,421
Player Level 30
Horses 550 / 550

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Yesterday $891
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All Time $6,167,772

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 2756393 (82%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left 583212

kimtia's Horse Divisions
.a. Elk River foals 4 horses
Not trained today
.a. riding school 67 horses
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.b. showing 26 horses
Trained today
.show. Owl's Driving Paints & Straw Hat Pirates 16 horses
Trained today
.x. Geneless Trakes 16 horses
Not trained today
.z. Locked Horses 370 horses
Not trained today
.zz. spare 0 horses
Unassigned Horses 51 horses

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