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"just a catastrophe"

deviantArt | character site | discord: #6050

hi, i'm maple, also known as shroom. i'm a graduate in animal behaviour and welfare. i've been playing ev for 5 years now, so if ever you're stuck on something or have a question about the game or strategies, feel free to send me a message. 

i used to breed irish draught horses on the old version with a plethora of the current breeds. i now own and raise a lot more breeds than i used to. i don't really have a "main breed" i go through stages of liking them and just have a lot of horses. 

if you think i've forgotten to do something for you i probably have, just shoot me a reminder.

first homebred horse to retire with 2k stats 


coding - 100k per box.
custom tags - closed.
custom signatures - closed.
custom animations - closed.
collaborations - closed. 

i'm an opportunistic collaber, i only collab on things i like. please don't ask to collab or about opening commissions. 

all potential homes for horses and future foals are vetted first

prices above 10k are negotiable, all horses are 5k less without tack.

you may ask to buy horses not up for sale but none are guaranteed.

broods and stud requests are accepted at 12 years and over.

if you wish to reserve a foal just ask.

main recolourable characters below, view character site for more:

Account Information
Member Name maplÉ›
Account Type Deluxe (9 days left)
Joined December 6, 2012
Last Active 2019-01-18 16:45:31
Member Information
Money on Hand $1,351,665
Money in Bank $269,000,000
Player Level 30
Horses 588 / 600

Player Points
Yesterday 165622
This Week 882560
This Month 2585182
All Time 140946051
Show Winnings
Yesterday $95,578
This Week $453,626
This Month $1,242,384
All Time $43,146,962

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 56891105 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -53551500

maplÉ›'s Horse Divisions
!|MIX - zero to threero 36 horses
Trained today
$|MIX - new world voyagers 18 horses
Trained today
chinco clearance 12 horses
Not trained today
DE|AND - no americano ii. 36 horses
Trained today
DE|FRE - will of the wild 17 horses
Trained today
DE|TRA - when legends rise. 11 horses
Not trained today
DV|CLY - the arkenstone 12 horses
Trained today
DV|GYP - into the fire i. 44 horses
Not trained today
DV|GYP - into the fire ii. 21 horses
Trained today
DV|MIN - rule the world 13 horses
Not trained today
DV|SHP - the whippersnappers ii. 23 horses
Not trained today
DV|WP - chasing cloud 9 13 horses
Trained today
EN|MUS - habits of my heart ii. 16 horses
Not trained today
EN|PAI - endurance paints [0-19] [L] 11 horses
Trained today
EN|TWH - wanderer's lullaby. 13 horses
Trained today
MI|MIX - mixed agers [0-19] 3 horses
Trained today
RA|AKH - the nightcrawlers 40 horses
Not trained today
RA|TB - electrical storm ii. 9 horses
Trained today
RA|TB - thoroughbred foals 30 horses
Trained today
RE|ARA - pirate isle. 18 horses
Not trained today
SJ|APP - flight mode. 28 horses
Trained today
SJ|DWB - dutch mark ii 24 horses
Trained today
SJ|MOR - follow your fire. 8 horses
Not trained today
SJ|TRA - walking the wire. 16 horses
Trained today
WE|MOR - cankletown. 14 horses
Not trained today
WE|PAI - running on empty. 33 horses
Trained today
WE|QH - solar system ii. 28 horses
Not trained today
WE|QH - solar system iii. 11 horses
Trained today
X| cryogenic chamber [12-20] [L] 23 horses
Not trained today
X| death row 7 horses
Not trained today

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