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"dressage miniature's up for sale!"

eeeeh i'll fill this out sometime. i hate bio's. marmist is just mean and old.
king's copper && old blood

trakehner's are a breed i have repeatedly come back to on equiverse. i started my foundation lines a year or two ago on old equiverse and am just now getting back into them recently. my foundation's will be ready for breeding soon, i will one public foal and one private from each pair. all of my trakehners specialize in show jumping. KING'S COPPER consists of mostly my foundations and horses i bought to fill it out. they're names are randomly chosen from things i like.

OLD BLOOD are horses i acquired that trace back to my original lines on equiverse when shifty jim still existed and a lot of them were sold to him. i want to spread their bloodline a little farther as they were solid horses. they're naming scheme somewhat traces back to my original lines "chinese" names and i try to make their names similar to that.

i will have studs from time to time. feel free to message me if you are interested in using a horse as a stud or in purchasing one that is marked for sale.

title here


「四神」- mares

「公侯」- stallions

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