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"Come join The Clydesdale Association :)"


11/10/17 It's about time I filled in my Layout - I've only had it for 10 months!

ME pronounced Cartier

37 / Female / UK / 2 Parents 1 Sister (younger) / Part Time Job as an Admin Office Manager

Life Motto
Don't create problems; create solutions.

Unicorns / The Minions / Archer / Bobs Burgers (basically have a crush on Jon H Benjamins voice lol!) / Ted Baker / Karen Millen / Chocolate / Dancing / Writing / Music - especially the 80's / UK & Irish Horse Racing / Movies by Messers Spielberg & Burton.

Early Mornings /Negativity / Oreos - yuk / Entitled People / Ignorance / Wasps - evil little things! / Comic Book & Superhero Movies / & ANYTHING Michael Bay or JJ Abrams touches.


Akhal Tekes
The 2nd generation Endurance Tekes are now in training. I'm still waiting to add in a Foundation Racing line one day. Future aim is to have Perlino & Cremello's mostly & Blacks!
My precious babies. Looking to continue my solid lines and also to increase my Chestnut population. I have a soft spot for Black & Chestnut Sabino's so I'm looking to breed them too. Bay Sabino's I've already got cracked!
I like rare things so I'm raising Racing & Endurance Lipi's. Looking to breed Bays & Blacks.
They were my beloved 5 years in the making Paso Fino's before the Recode & I miss them terribly. They are a little neglected at the moment with a mismatch of disciplines but I'm hoping to restructure them in the future. Looking to increase the more unusual colours like Cremello & Perlino.
The Dressage Paints are a small project after I got a few decent confirmation stats Rescue Ctr ponies. They are now onto their 2nd generation.
I'm raising two types of Shetlands - Driving; looking to raise unusual colours like Champagne & Perlino & Cremello etc in a solid coat. Racing; looking to raise more "normal" colour variations like Red Dun & Sooty & Wild Bays. Pattern wise I'm looking for Tobiano or Splash and maybe Roan.


It's rare I sell any of my ponies but occasionally I have gone crazy & got bored of a breed so you never know!


1000 stat Horses since Recode

Cassiope Clydesdale Mare 1042 Stats 95,984P ts
Curse Clydesdale Mare 1029 Stats 113,780 Pts
Dukedom Clydesdale Stallion 1140 Stats 208,004 Pts - My first ever 1000 stat horse
Embroided Rose Clydesdale Mare 1195 Stats 185,262 Pts
Equites Clydesdale Stallion 1253 Stats 107,912 Pts
King of Sparta Clydesdale Stallion 1254 Stats 1125,978 Pts
Light Sabre Clydesdale Mare 1052 Stats 197,190 Pts
Music Knight Clydesdale Stallion 1199 Stats 126,508 Pts
Queen Regent Clydesdale Mare 1044 Stats 105,260 Pts
Rebel Lass Clydesdale Mare 1122 Stats 198,144 Pts
Red Mountain Clydesdale Stallion 1169 Stats 124,216 Pts
Royal Knight Clydesdale Stallion 1024 Stats 115,024 Pts
Shadow Cabinet Clydesdale Stallion 1138 Stats 181,032 Pts


 MY FAVE Aeron AKA Evil Uni A formidable/stern looking Forest Green & White Unicorn
Mystica A kind/gentle Purple & White Unicorn - Mate for Aeron
Mother Earth An Earthy Brown & Green Elemental Gypsy Vanner


Check for 1000 stat horses (LETTER S - Z) & add to Hall of fame list
REGISTER LIPIS & SHETLANDS  & MUSTANGS into Specialists Extrondinaire club

Upcoming Breedings
Breed Radatz Sardini to Florence on 27/5/20
Breed Galantis Tiberius to Zolvia on 27/5/20

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Khatir's Horse Divisions
Cabezudo Lipizzaners (Racing & Endurance) 21 horses
Trained today
Ffestiniog Valley Welsh Ponies (SJ) 24 horses
Trained today
Gold Horse (Akhal Tekes) (Racing & End) LOCKED 31 horses
Not trained today
Hjaltland Shetlands (Driving & Racing) LOCKED 49 horses
Trained today
Kincaid Morgans (Dressage & Western & SJ) 25 horses
Trained today
Loch Doon Clydes [Sabino's] (Driving & Endurance) 21 horses
Trained today
Loch Doon Clydes [Solids] (Driving & Endurance) 21 horses
Trained today
Mesteño Mustangs (Racing) 22 horses
Trained today
The Painted Dancers (Dressage Paints) 13 horses
Not trained today
Youngstock & Foals (move when 3yo) 7 horses
Trained today
z Golden Oldies (Retired 21yo plus) 0 horses
Z Locked Horses LOCKED 333 horses
Not trained today
z Nad al Sheba (NaS) locked til foals turn 3 LOCKED 22 horses
Not trained today
z TCA Cuddle A Clyde Contest Horses LOCKED 8 horses
Not trained today
z The Void 0 horses

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