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"Anyone else think EV should have a Art Annonymous programme?? Im an addict!"



11/10/17 It's about time I filled in my Layout - I've only had it for 10 months!

ME pronounced Cartier

34 / Female / UK / 2 Parents 1 Sister (younger) / Part Time Job as an Admin Office Manager

Life Motto
Don't create problems; create solutions.

Unicorns / The Minions / Ted Baker / Karen Millen / Chocolate / Dancing / Writing / 80's Music / UK & Irish Horse Racing / Movies by Messers Spielberg & Burton.

Early Mornings / Negativity / Oreos - yuk / Entitled People / Comic Book & Superhero Movies / & ANYTHING Michael Bay or JJ Abrams touches.


Akhal Tekes
The Foundation Endurance Tekes are coming along nicely. I'm still waiting to add in a Foundation Racing line one day. Future aim is to have Perlino & Cremello's mostly.
 A new line coming soon! Looking to raise Chestnut, Bays & Blacks.
My precious babies. Looking to increase my Chestnut population & also Black Sabino's. Bay Sabino's I've already got cracked!
I like rare things so I'm raising Racing & Endurance Lipi's.
These are a little neglected at the moment with a mismatch of disciplines but I'm hoping to restructure them in the future. Looking to increase the more unusual colours like Cremello & Perlino.
The Dressage Paints are a small project after I got a few decent confirmation stats Rescue Ctr ponies. The Western Paints aim is to have Champagnes & Creams.


It's rare I sell any of my ponies but occasionally I have gone crazy & got bored of a breed so you never know!


1000 stat Horses since Recode
Dukedom Clydesdale Stallion TBC Stats TBC Pts - My first ever 1000 stat horse
Rebel Lass Clydesdale Mare TBC Stats TBC Pts
Shadow Cabinet Clydesdale Stallion TBC Stats TBC Pts


 MY FAVE Aeron AKA Evil Uni A formidable/stern looking Forest Green & White Unicorn
Mystica A kind/gentle Purple & White Unicorn - Mate for Aeron
Mother Earth  An Earthy Brown & Green Elemental Gypsy Vanner


Check for 1000 stat horses & add to Hall of fame list

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Gold Horse {Akhal Tekes} 44 horses
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Kincaid Morgans 34 horses
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Loch Doon Clydes 66 horses
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The Painted Dancers {Dressage Paints} 24 horses
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The Wild Wild West {Western Paints} 11 horses
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Youngstock & Foals (move when 3yo) 0 horses
Z Locked Horses 172 horses
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