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Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]

"Feed / Train / Show / Repeat :)"


12/2/18 Well my Uncle has been accepted onto the life saving program in the US for his cancer but it'll cost $250k per year to treat. So yeah. Who can afford that?? I wish I could convert my EVD into RL money :(

3/2/18  I have decided to add a line of Western Chinco's (thanks to Sabriel!) to my empire as I am looking for some pretty coloured pixels to play with. I love my WBs but they are limited in their coats!
15/1/18 I forgot a most important update so I'll backdate it! I just became a furbaby Mum for the first time with the arrival of a 5-7yo Rescue Stray female kitty I have decided to call
Sapphire She is an unknown breed but pos a Tonkinese mix.
16/12/17 part 2 On the plus side my Trake athletes have received a boost with some brilliantly named new blood courtesy of Notori with 32 2nd generation foals joining the Fabelhaft empire. March on pretty pixels; march on.
16/12/17 Ok so this is seriously taking the p***. My uncle announced today he has inoperable Liver cancer & at most has 3 months let to live. Merry Christmas Fabel. Anyhoo he has had liver problems for years & not once during the inexhaustible tests did one Doctor find cancer til it was too late. What is the point of the medical profession I ask you??
15/12/17  So one my best friends told our wayward gang she has skin cancer on her leg. The docs have removed a 3 inch chunk of her flesh & they believe so far they have gotten all of the cancer out. She faces ops & a skin graft early next year to fix the hole... her parting words to us over the awkward coffee were "I'll be damned if I'm not here to see Ms Katy P after a 16 year wait". That's my girl, Bex!
12/10/17  Decided to add in a line of Dressage (and maybe Driving in the future) focused Friesians as they seem somewhat neglected as a breed when I looked at the Breed Stats list. I had been mulling them over for a while as breeds with the least coat colours suffer somewhat on EV. Anyhow when I saw a few decent confirmation scores RC mares I thought why not. Stallions will be sourced at a later date and/or outside stallions will be used. They will have 80's Music themed names!
1/10/17 After the worst 2017 ever: I'm slowly starting to get back into EV after a 10 month absence
24/5/16 Wow I was just musing 2 days ago if I should add a line of driving Dutchies and voila - there are herd of them for sale. They will have Dutch names.

Hi! I go by the name Fabel on EV & have been a member for 6 years this year although I was a long term member of another horse sim prior to switching here. I'm an older member (34 - where has the time gone?!) who is currently working part time as the office manager of my dad's commercial property rental company.

I live in the cold, damp north east of merry old England but despite its dreary-ness it's home! In my spare time I like to read (currently its NOTHING as of yet), write (currently working on a story arc/character list for a sci fi book) and attend live music gigs (upcoming events - March 2018 Imagine Dragons / April 2018 The Vamps / May 2018 Bryan Adams / June 2018 Katy Perry / Oct 2018 Miss Saigon / Feb 2019 War Horse) with my wayward friends.

The Vision
Here at Fabelhaft we dream of a EV world ruled by breath taking Dutch Warmbloods & stunning Trakehners. Our finely tuned athletes are trained predominantly in Show Jumping and Dressage however we have now added a 3rd generation line of Driving Dutchies courtesy of Andromeda. Prior to the recode our Dutchies were onto their 13th generation (think its now the 15th!?). The Trakes are a slightly more recent addition being up to their 11th generation. We have also added a RC line of Dressage Friesians containing a mix of Store Foundations & 13th generation of poorly trained unwanted foals whose stats are well behind for that number of ancestors. But they've come to the right place to correct that!

Fabelhaft is my Dutchie & Trake prefix if you like. If the horses name is too long Fabelhaft will be shorted to my secondary prefix FBL

Its rare I sell a horse unless they are surplus to the Fabelhaft breeding programme.

However when I do their name will display a MINIMUM bid please DO NOT bid below this as its very disrespectful - If you don't like my prices, shop elsewhere. Actual years of my life have been spent on raising these pixels - sad I know!

I may not sell often but I'm always looking for new stock. If you have anything for sale just shoot me a message & I'll get back to you.


MY FAVE - Frankenhorse AKA Frankie a Frankenstein's monster themed neon green warmblood stally
A worthy mate for Frankie at last after a 3 year wait (he's a patient boy!) courtesy of Bashful Cupcake TBC NAME a Bright Pink with white markings warmblood mare

Hall of Fame - 1000 stat horses after Recode
A Neon Affair Dutch WB Stallion 1365
stats  183,074 Pts (a personal fave Stally)
Beg for Candy Dutch WB Stallion 1366 stats  204,104 pts
Bossa-nova Dutch WB Stallion 1388 stats  191,142 pts
Caldera Royal Trakehner Mare 1029 stats  129,587 Pts
Carvallo Trakehner Stallion 1044 stats  178,730 pts
Cloudsheen Trakehner Stallion  1074 stats  193,434 pts
Complex Highway Dutch WB Stallion TBC stats  tbc pts
Destined To Fly Trakehner Stallion 1153 stats 177,142 Pts
Devil At Large Dutch WB Stallion 1168 stats  230,042 pts
Drops Of Chaos Trakehner Stallion  1338 stats 188,900 pts
Elite Pearl Dutch WB Mare 1374 stats  214,480 pts
Empire Ruler Dutch WB Stallion 1362 stats  219,856 pts
Evil Candy Dutch WB Mare 1145 stats 216,496 pts
Exalted Judge Trakehner Stallion 1045 stats  150,066 Pts
Exciting Magic Dutch WB Mare 1147 stats  232,890 pts
Fame Is Spellbinding Dutch WB Mare 1332 stats  213,251 pts
Famous Thief Dutch WB Mare 1149 stats  233,640 pts
Fire Dance Dutch WB Mare TBC stats  tbc pts
Furious Witch Dutch WB Mare 1353 stats  200,124 pts
Flawed Assassin Dutch WB Mare 1220 stats  190,220 pts
Fyrestar Trakehner Stallion 1201 stats  197,334 pts
Gunslinger Dutch WB Stallion 1169 stats  214,764 pts
Hooves of War Trakehner Stallion 1100 stats  244,193 Pts
I Dream In Candy Dutch WB Mare 1345 stats 207,878 Pts
Lasting Legacy Dutch WB Stally 1578 stats  184,524 pts (one of my fave boys)
Leodalphin Trakehner Stallion 1051 stats  147,407 pts
Liquid Poison Trakehner Mare  1351 stats  205,836 Pts
Marble Devil Trakehner Mare 1294 stats  204,500 pts
Media Demon Trakehner Stallion 1043 stats  257,955 pts
Neo-nado Dutch WB Stallion 1013 stats  178,360 pts (one of my fave boys)
Oceania Trakehner Mare 1008 stats  160,506 pts
Peruvian Trakehner Stallion 1345 stats  210,278 pts
Priceless Sheen Trakehner Mare  1070 stats  191,338 pts
Quantum Mist DWB Stallion 1014 stats 242,554 pts
Radiant Celebrity Trakehner Mare 1042 stats  221,728 pts
Ravenstear Trakehner Mare 1041 stats 238,347 pts
Ripple of Darkness Dutch WB Stallion 1370 stats  211,406 pts
Rosette Heist Dutch WB Mare 1316 stats  200,360 pts (my fave girl)
Sparkling Poison Trakehner Mare 1161 stats 214,610 pts
Sylva Knight Dutch WB Stallion 1188 stats  222,158 pts
Tempting Candy Dutch WB Stallion 1019 stats  98,274 Pts
The Last Witch Dutch WB Mare 1138 stats  227,772 pts (one of my fave mares)
Velvet Star Trakehner Mare 1244 stats 175,966 pts
X In The City Dutch WB Mare TBC stats TBC Pts
Xaarluna Trakehner Mare 1038 stats 211,215 pts

Public Breedings To Fabelhaft Stallions
Should a stallion be on private setting the highest statted mares will be given priority.

Public Leasing Of Fabelhaft Mares (only those in this list available)
If you have a stallion (minimum of 450 stats if lined or 300 stats if a store) but no suitable mares we may have one to suit your needs.

To Do
IMPORTANT Galdalfin (dress trake) is in contest for the better 1 feb -1march
Cross Fire (dress trake) is in Trake Club Spring Championship 1 feb - 31 march
1 UNLOCK Vigilante when Imagination turns 19yo
2 UNLOCK Gilded Tiara when Treasure ship turns 20yo 22/2/18??
3 UNLOCK Starmaker when Lothario turns 20yo 2day
4 CONVERT Fries to Driving  before breeding or not??!!
5 Match up Trake foals / Chinco ponies

Name Trakes beginning with the letter of it's DAM

Upcoming Private Breedings
Breed Lothario to Starmaker on 22/2/18
Breed Elegant Heist to Neon Reign on 23/2/18
Breed War Hero to Neonfuhr on 23/2/18

None at this time

Breed Can Do to Priceless Star on 23/2/18
Breed Concealed to Cristolar on 23/2/18
Breed Apparent to Ruff Star on 25/2/18


Account Information
Member Name Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]
Account Type Deluxe (385 days left)
Joined June 1, 2011
Last Active 2018-02-21 17:16:22
Member Information
Money on Hand $18,093
Money in Bank $8,371,427
Player Level 30
Horses 562 / 575

Player Points
Yesterday 136660
This Week 873232
This Month 6542382
All Time 101698305
Show Winnings
Yesterday $62,704
This Week $391,178
This Month $2,700,686
All Time $23,242,390

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 26692110 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -23352505

Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]'s Horse Divisions
* NADF Project (Driving Friesians) 0 horses
* New Blood (DWB Rescue Stores) 33 horses
Trained today
* Project Pixels (Dressage Friesians) 34 horses
Trained today
Dutchies 98 horses
Trained today
Dutchies Into Overdrive 39 horses
Trained today
Trake Athletes (Dressage) 56 horses
Not trained today
Trakes 55 horses
Not trained today
Youngstock & Foals 43 horses
Trained today
z Awaiting The Pasture In The Sky (Retirees 21+ 23 horses
Not trained today
Z Locked (awaiting m8s age increase/have no m8 yet 154 horses
Not trained today
zz It's Chinco Time (Western Chincoteagues) 27 horses
Not trained today

Club Memberships

Trakehner Club

Contest For the Better

Dutch Warmblood Club

Greatest Grays

Rescue Center Horse Club

Rare Colors Club

National Association for Driving Friesians