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Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]

"Team Germany need to get their head in the game :s"

5/4/18 - I have been MIA the last few weeks due to extended 35th bday celebrations. My girls surprised me with a 3 day trip to Dublin Ireland. I am a sucker for that Irish accent. Especially males with Irish accents ;)
23/3/18 - Oooh got myself a shiny new lighter/brighter Spring inspired Layout courtesy of the wonderful Koyott as usual.
19/2/18 - Set up a Club (EV Jump! Guild) for like minded EV'rs that raise their pixels in the Show Jumping discipline. Go check it out. Its not a strict club re registration & training. I'm too lazy for all that!

Bio to follow!

The Vision
Here at Fabelhaft we dream of a EV world ruled by breath taking Dutch Warmbloods & stunning Trakehners. Our finely tuned athletes are trained predominantly in Show Jumping and Dressage. Our Dutchies were onto their 14th generation. The Trakes are a more recent addition being up to their 8th generation. In 2018 I have also added a line of Western Chinco's (currently Foundations) & Driving Friesians their 2nd generation is due soon.

Fabelhaft is my Dutchie & Trake prefix if you like. If the horses name is too long Fabelhaft will be shorted to my secondary prefix FBL

Its rare I sell a horse unless they are surplus to the Fabelhaft breeding programme.

I may not sell often but I'm always looking for new stock. If you have anything for sale just shoot me a message & I'll get back to you :)


To be re uploaded when I get the chance to look up the links!!

Notable EV Milestones 
First Ever EV Horse - Silk Stockings 7yrs ago!
First 1k stat Foundation Horse - Blockbuster 1068 stats
First 1k stat Lined Horse Bred - Silk Prince 1012 stats
First 1k stat At Birth (Foal) - Lincoln/Elite Pearl foal born with 1177 stats
First 1.5k stats At Birth (Foal) - Docent/Gryskleur foal born with 1588 stats
First 2k stats At Birth (Foal) -
First 2k stat Raised/Trained - Finale Ete on 4/4/18
First 2k stat Lined Horse Bred -
First International Horse - Finale Ete on 15/4/18
Highest Conformation Horse - Bling with 90.88 average & 2 Perfects
Lowest non spec stat Bred - Neon Rosette a single figured 6 in total
All time most Show Rosettes (1st/2nd/3rd places) - A Neon Affair 1st 495 / 2nd 177 / 3rd 111  = Total 783
All time highest stat Horse - Finale Ete TBC Stats 
All time highest Money Earning Horse - Silk Prince with $167,583
All time highest Point Earning Horse - Mae West with 276,526 pts
All time fave Horse - Neonclad
100 mil player points acheived - Jan 2018 (approx!)

COLLECT 2 x LEAF KID TAGS - PAID 11/6/18 $100k to 89889 Valencia
Send RAR Contest horses to owners 2/7/18 9am
Cerander is entered in Trak Club Summer Season Championship 1 May to 30 June
TBC is entered in TBC month Contest for the Better
To Do
Enter Fries into NADF registry when they get 400 stats & 80 or less non spec & 55 min confo
2. Match up LINED Dressage Trakes
3 Choose a Mascot winner 1/7/18 EV Jump! Guild 

Name Trakes beginning with the letter of it's DAM

Upcoming Breedings

Breed Fame is Evil to Candy Boss on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed OUTSIDE STALLY to Neon Candy on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed OUTSIDE STALLY to Red or Dead on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed Pinedjem to Ripple of Evil on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed Rybinsk to Fire in the Dark on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed Large Empire to Syber Assassin on 21 or 22/6/18
Breed Just Pay Me to Russian Empire on 21 or 22/6/18

Breed New Order to Ultravox on 24/6/18
Breed Obsession  to Roxy Music on 24/6/18

None at this time

Breed Unknown to Kan Fly on 21/6/18
Breed Nickel Slots to Ruby Runner on 25/6/18

Account Information
Member Name Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]
Account Type Deluxe (302 days left)
Joined June 1, 2011
Last Active 2018-06-20 13:28:35
Member Information
Money on Hand $21,860
Money in Bank $12,032,493
Player Level 30
Horses 604 / 605

Player Points
Yesterday 101446
This Week 479960
This Month 4267030
All Time 122821783
Show Winnings
Yesterday $45,571
This Week $238,561
This Month $2,139,396
All Time $32,687,131

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 40101220 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -36761615

Fabelhaft [WBs/Friesians]'s Horse Divisions
* New Blood (DWB Rescue Stores) 11 horses
Trained today
Dutchies 65 horses
Trained today
Dutchies Into Overdrive 43 horses
Trained today
It's Chinco Time (Western Chincoteagues) 19 horses
Trained today
NADF Project (Driving Friesians) 39 horses
Trained today
Trake Athletes (Dressage) 54 horses
Trained today
Trakes 45 horses
Trained today
Youngstock & Foals 52 horses
Trained today
z Awaiting The Pasture In The Sky (Retirees 21+ 50 horses
Not trained today
Z Locked (awaiting m8s age increase/have no m8 yet 214 horses
Not trained today
z Raise A Rescue Contest Horses (EV Jump! Guild) 12 horses
Not trained today

Club Memberships

Trakehner Club

Contest For the Better

Greatest Grays

Dutch Warmblood Club

Equiverse Dressage Federation

EV Jump! Guild

Rare Colors Club

National Association for Driving Friesians

Sport Horse Association

Rescue Center Horse Club