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Festive Fabelhaft

"Goodness Gracious- Great Snowballs of Ice :)"


5/11/18 - OMG Me and my girls are dying. Our fave girlband of all time The Spice Girls are playing our home town June 2019 but the tickets are sooo expensive. Even more than Queen Beyonce. Which is insane. But we never got to see them 25yrs ago as kids because they were always sold out! So now we have to plan a bank heist coz by hook or by crook we ARE going to the ball. #GirlPower #FriendshipNeverEnds
26/10/18 - Me and my girls were at the Theatre last night to see Miss Saigon after a 15yr wait. I have seen it before all those years ago & although a good time was had by all I personally prefered the 1st version I saw. This version had a few modern day tweeks to it but I guess that's progress. On the major plus side the Theatre has FINALLY moved with the times & now sells Gin with Elderflower (our tipple of choice since Royal Ascot June 2016) which sounds scary but it just tastes like grapefruit. And since it tastes so harmless you end up having a few too many!! We enjoyed ourselves so much we booked up to see quite a few shows next year - Rocky Horror Jan 2019 / War Horse Feb 2019 / Club Tropicana Musical May 2019 / Rock of Ages July 2019. That's without any music arena/stadium gigs depending who announces a tour next year of which we have 2 booked so far - a 2day 80s Festival June 2018 in a hopefully less muddy field than this year & Suzi Quatro I forget the month! Either way we are totally living life to the full next year after a relatively crappy 2018.
12/8/18 - Me and my girls were out at a local Music Festival yesterday. Despite the mixed weather, soggy muddy field, some dodgy live vocals from bands who are passed it, the over priced & limited selection of drinks & a medical emergency which Bex rocked - performed the Hemlich manouver on a choking man  - while we awaited on site paramedics who were rather slow to respond tbh, we made two new friends in Jackie & Marie who shared our much sought after picnic table vantage point (we got there sooooo early for the best spot! Nice one Sally-Ann - her nickname obvs - our seasoned Festival goer) a great time was had by all!!!
23/7/18 - Oh no. I have given into the crazy & I am adding a small (so start with!) herd of DWB's to be raised in Dressage. Because why not? It could well be one of their Forte's in RL so why not on EV.  TBH I do have 4 Dressage Dutchies left from when I first started out 7 yrs ago so at least they won't now be so lonely?!
26/6/18 - Katy Perry rocked last night. She sang live (a rarity these days) & nailed all high notes. She seemed to care about being there despite it being her last show in the UK & she made one young fan cry with joy when talking to her which she was humbled by so yeah. I made her 2nd in my list of best shows ever (Miss Spears will always be my No1) though Bex et al made her No1. But they are biased! A slight sad note to the night was she kept calling herself Katy Purry which is the nickname Bex gave my cat Sapphire who is still missing presumed lost forever :( and it kept making me think of my poor furbaby.
5/4/18 - I have been MIA the last few weeks due to extended 35th bday celebrations. My girls surprised me with a 3 day trip to Dublin Ireland. I am a sucker for that Irish accent. Especially males with Irish accents ;)
23/3/18 - Oooh got myself a shiny new lighter/brighter Spring inspired Layout courtesy of the wonderful Koyott as usual.
19/2/18 - Set up a Club (EV Jump! Guild) for like minded EV'rs that raise their pixels in the Show Jumping discipline. Go check it out. Its not a strict club re registration & training. I'm too lazy for all that!

I'm a happy go lucky 35yo female from a dead-end town (to call it a city is an insult) in the North of the UK. I work from home part time at the mo so I am pretty active on EV for now. I have played EV for 7yrs now but also dabbled on many other horse sims over the years since I was 14. But EV is my spiritual home. I have been lucky enough to have owned 2 horses outright & loaned 1 in my life until my early 20s when tragedy struck my then equi-baby *sad face* & tbh I never truly recovered & haven't ridden since. After a 10 year pet break I got a rescue cat in Jan 18 but she went missing *super sad face*. Im now giving up on pets. Even my beloved had since a tiny cutting (24 current leaves - 26 leaves total grown only lost 2 0 flowers yet but shes too young has to be 4yo plus for those & happy & healthy....) 2.5yo Aloe Vera plant, Vera II (that says all you need to know about Vera I!) is looking a bit sorry for herself at the mo. I mean I think shes a "she"... how do you tell a plants gender?! Dont leave me V. You are the last living thing (other than me) in my house.

Stuff I Like Archer / Bobs Burgers (basically got a crush on Jon H Benjamins voice!) / Shoes (my collection is epically out of control) / Ted Baker & Karen Millen Clothes (my collection is insanely awesome) / Attending music events and or doing any sort of amazing stuff with my girls - shout out to Raven V (the nice one) Goosey Lucy (the sensible one) Sally-Ann (the funny one) & of course the Cancer butt-kicking Bex xx (the feisty one) Im the sarcastic mean one!! / Horses - duh / Unicorns - they are so real!! / Sweet Treats esp Krispy Kremes / Singing or talking or raging (she likes a good vent back - she stabs me with her leaf spikes which hurt more than you'd think) to my pet Aloe plant Vera II / Reading / Writing / 80s Music / Miss Spears / UK & Irish horse racing / Spielberg & Burton movies / Lame monster movies esp early Toho Godzilla Showa Series / Deadpool / 

Stuff I Dis-like Rude & entitled people / Anything JJ Abrams or Michael Bay touches / Oreos / Reality TV / The term "Celebrity" being massacred to the point of insanity.... being (fake despite your protests) kidnapped & then selling your story does not a celebrity make / Comic book movies - except the one named above / Surprises / Gifts for nothing IE if it ain't my Bday or Xmas don't buy me crap I don't want or need... unless its a gift card for TB & KM then go right ahead :)

The Vision
Here at Fabelhaft we dream of a EV world ruled by breath taking Dutch Warmbloods & stunning Trakehners. Our finely tuned athletes are trained predominantly in Show Jumping and Dressage. Our Dutchies founded in 2011 were onto their 15th generation. The Trakes founded in 2013 are up to their 9th generation. In 2018 I have also added a line of Western Chinco's (2nd generation) & Driving Friesians also 2nd generation.

Fabelhaft is my Dutchie & Trake prefix if you like. If the horses name is too long Fabelhaft will be shorted to my secondary prefix FBL

Its rare I sell a horse unless they are surplus to the Fabelhaft breeding programme.

I may not sell often but I'm always looking for new stock. If you have anything for sale just shoot me a message & I'll get back to you :)


To be re uploaded when I get the chance to look up the links!!

Notable EV Milestones 
First Ever EV Horse - Silk Stockings 7yrs ago!
First 1k stat Foundation Horse - Blockbuster 1068 stats
First 1k stat Lined Horse Bred - Silk Prince 1012 stats
First 1k stat At Birth (Foal) - Lincoln/Elite Pearl foal born with 1177 stats
First 1.5k stats At Birth (Foal) - Docent/Gryskleur foal born with 1588 stats
First 2k stats At Birth (Foal) -
First 2k stat Raised/Trained - Finale Ete on 4/4/18
First 2k stat Lined Horse Bred -
First International Horse - Finale Ete on 15/4/18
Highest Conformation Horse - Bling with 90.88 average & 2 Perfects
Lowest non spec stat Bred - Neon Rosette a single figured 6 in total
All time most Show Rosettes (1st/2nd/3rd places) - A Neon Affair 1st 495 / 2nd 177 / 3rd 111  = Total 783
All time highest stat Horse - Knew Champ 2,398 Stats 
All time highest Money Earning Horse - Silk Prince with $167,583
All time highest Point Earning Horse - Mae West with 276,526 pts
All time fave Horse - Neonclad
100th 1000 plus stat foal born - Shattered Neon/I Survived colt born with 1074 stats
100 mil player points acheived - Jan 2018 (approx!)

South America entered in Trake Club Fall Season Championship 1 Aug to 30 Sept
TBC is entered in TBC Contest for the Better
To Do
Enter Fries into NADF registry when they get 400 stats & 80 or less non spec & 55 min confo
1. Match up LINED SJ Trakes
2 Choose a Mascot winner 1/12/18 EV Jump! Guild 

Name Trakes beginning with the letter of it's DAM
Horses up to 135th ?? 1000 stat foal born

Upcoming Breedings

Breed Intergalactic to Burn with Pride on 28/12/18

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