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"We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy root beer!"

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Member Name Wonder Wiki
Account Type Deluxe (353 days left)
Joined February 6, 2011
Last Active 2018-12-16 08:52:42
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Money on Hand $2,498,417
Money in Bank $20,000,000
Player Level 27
Horses 76 / 125

Player Points
Yesterday 1166
This Week 275028
This Month 566486
All Time 47076414
Show Winnings
Yesterday $2,660
This Week $111,074
This Month $207,552
All Time $8,663,208

Member Level
Level 27 Experience 326849 (15%) EXP Required 2057086 EXP Left 1730237

Wonder Wiki's Horse Divisions
0. Driving Friesians 17 horses
Not trained today
1. Driving Andalusians and Morgans 6 horses
Not trained today
2. Driving Shetlands 17 horses
Not trained today
3. Racing Tekes 10 horses
Not trained today
4. Endurance Mustangs 20 horses
Not trained today
5. Western Paints 3 horses
Not trained today
6. Locked 3 horses
Trained today

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Contest For the Better

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National Association for Driving Friesians

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I Own Too Many Characters Group

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