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Well right now you can see I am a mod on here, lol, so if you need any help with anything let me know
My Characters, Not My Characters

What I Work For In My Lines
As a personal challenge, I try to breed clean lines. For me that is no deleted horses anywhere in the pedigree, no repeats in the bloodline, etc. Its not that I think they are inferior or anything if they aren't that way, but as I said I see it as a challenge to do, a goal if you will.

I also breed for stats and points. Mainly stats as that's what everyone else practically looks at, but I like to see the points on there as a) I like the player points it gets me and b) it shows that I am doing more then just throwing some feed and treats at it. Not that I think people who don't show aren't putting in just as much time as me, but I like that it shows the effort put into them more then the stats do, I mean you can have a bad day and only get 1 or so stats on a couple of horses, but you can always get more points

Info On My Lines + Stud/Brood Mare Fees
Fees Listed hereI think all the links are working, but if you find one that isn't, let me know

Personal Thoughts On My Horses
I am loving the progress my Halfies (now Fries or Friesians if you will.) are making, in fact I love the progress all of my breeds are making.

Currently (May 2017 is when this was last updated) I have five Driving Shetland lines (though two are listed under one number), one Driving Teke Line and two Racing Teke Lines, two Friesians Lines, one Vanner Line, and one pair each of Friesians, Morgans and Vanners. More will probably be added soon XD

Riding School, Stable, Player Name, Training Arenas and Shows Backstories
Sky High Primes (Riding School) name comes from two different sources. One is the superhero movie, Sky High. The other comes from Transformers, ie Optimus Prime, etc.

My stable name comes from Marvel itself and one of them many versions of the DC team, Justice League of America, which in some of the old shows the members were called Super Friends. Mash it all together and you get Marvel League of Super Ponies.

Wonder Wiki was suggested for my player name by Sab. I was originally thinking of going with Marvel League, but ended up liking the name suggested and thus Marvel League became my stable name.

Battle of the Breeds (Endurance) name came from a tv show called Battle of the Planets (the American version of a Japanese show).

Go Go Power Ponies (Racing) name comes from a common element in Power Ranger theme songs.

Guardians of the Equiverse (Driving) name comes from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Spiderhorse's Amazing Friend (Show Jumping) name comes from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends tv show.

The X-Horses (Dressage) name comes from The X-Men.

Yearling Titans (Western) name comes from the Teen Titans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Ponies (Shows) name comes from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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