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"Working on more breeds c'mon down and get some pretty Qh's!!!"


Im the123356

I know my username is deal with it

About me: About my account:                   
I don't want to share much information for
privacy reasons.......but I will say (warning this stuff is random) that I am on season 3 avatar 
the last air bender (I dont want it to end) I love art,
horses and the color orange plus I'm a sucker for sweets and foods (who isn't) Also sorta new
 and love getting messages!!!! I ride a little (wish I rode more)!!!
Hanoverian is my favorite horse breed in real life. I have two dogs on my dads side
and am trying to convince my mom to
get a dog (its REALLY working) also I'm a HUGE music nerd :/

I am really new to this game and I Have just started
breeding!! I really want to focus
on stats and coloring plus breeds. These things will take
a long time to develop but 
I know it will be worth it!!! I really want to do
quarters but I have lots of other breeds I'd like to do as a side gig!!!
I really do like getting messages, about really anything, horse deal or whatever!


      Holly (#125241) and Sunset Performance Horses (#110167)


NOTICE: I don't have any digital art yet, I will be starting soon hopefully, If you like any designs (message me and i will send them) or want me to make you a custom message me, and I will give you a price anyways here is some art that of done on paper from boredom :)

I cant get the art to show up :((((((( [img]blob:[/img]


  • all stallions are up for public stud 

  • prices range on breed 

  • very low price for very high quality

NOTE:These will very in breed and I will be changing theses prices a lot ALSO I can go lower with my prices if you message me, and if you buy one of my horses you can get a discount if you MESSAGE me.

I didn't take these photos there just pretty horses ok, so don't attack me

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