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"Workin' them equines..."

I'm BlaiddGwyn, I'm an adult player, and I breed:

Friesians (for driving)
Andalusians (for dressage)
Thoroughbreds (for racing)
Morgans (for show jumping)
Tennessee Walkers (for endurance)

My focus on all my breeds is both the best possible conformation and the ability to win shows/money. Interesting colors are a nice bonus, but not my main concern. 

Account Information
Member Name BlaiddGwyn
Member ID 124470
Account Type Basic
Joined October 9, 2019
Last Active 2020-04-03 20:04:20
Member Information
Money on Hand $5,442
Money in Bank $102,833
Player Level 13
Horses 34 / 35

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Player Points
Yesterday 12480
This Week 72028
This Month 49290
All Time 1235202
Show Winnings
Yesterday $442
This Week $3,919
This Month $2,954
All Time $116,691

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 11935 (3%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 354965

BlaiddGwyn's Horse Divisions
Dressage Andalusians 11 horses
Not trained today
Driving Friesians 3 horses
Trained today
Endurance Tennessee Walkers 7 horses
Trained today
Racing Thoroughbreds 6 horses
Trained today
Show Jumping Morgans 6 horses
Trained today
Unassigned Horses 1 horses

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