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🐎Avery's Rescue🐎

"Why is it so hard tot talk to your crush, i mean boy friend?"

Do you really want to see the person behind the screen, HERE!

I do have a stable with 300 stalls! Riding school and training arenas! Go check it out!

Like those tags below? I made them myself!



This guy ^^^^ is up for auction in the forums

If you see a horse up there you like and would want to purchase, feel free to message me. :)
If you would like any horses recolored on any of these lines, just message me.:)
There are some examples of my work. Please do not save, i own these. Thanks :)

Okay, i'm avery, call me whatever you fell like. I am crazy, talk way to much, redhead, christian, cello player, and did i say energetic? I am friendly, i think,? If you ever want anyone to chat to, bingo! I'm a big chatter. I LOVE horses, grew up around them. When my dad died when i was five, we had his two favorite horses. A paint mare(my best friend) and a tennessee walking gelding. They were awesome. We sold them when i was seven. I ride my cousin 11 year old quarter horse gelding. Do pole bending, barrels, hoping to do jumping. Starting riding lessons soon. I have a dog, cat, and a ton of fish. I am a model horse collector, watch out! I play volleyball, have 5 siblings. Do go to school. Go to church Sundays+Wednesdays. Try to be a reasonable amount of time. IDK, if you want to add me as a friend, go ahead! If you are still reading this, wow.

Art services
I am slowly getting better at art due to a friends help, and will be opening up forum sales and personal art. If you have any question, just ask! But please know i do have a life outside of EV and won't be on like crazy. So, it might take me a little time. But i always try to do my best and get it to you ASAP! If you want to see some of my charries, here is my stash of unnaturals that are for sale. These are my charies, some of which i made, or bought. These  are examples of a charie i have made multiple refs of. I can also do that if you would like more refs for a charie.

Tags: 25-50K
Large art:75-150K depending on the dificulty
Custom: 25-75k depending
I have art passes for sale in the forums! I will make more, but for now i have one left!

Art working on now
Daphne 101 large art
Bonnie Love tags(2)
Bonnie Baby draft sig
Bonnie headshot tag(2)

I am working on ant art website where i can store my charies. 

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