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"ūüé∂I'm holding on, why is everything so heavy?ūüé∂"

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Hello, Welcome to my Home Page! You can call me Kenzie! I breed here on Equiverse for color mainly but conformation and stats are a bonus. I currently am working with Tall Oak Stables in a QH breeding program! am very friendly and if you want to breed or buy one of my horses message me. I wont promise they will all be for sale but I will try and work something out with you! PitaPata Horse tickers About the character above: July 20th marks the anniversary since Chester Charles Bennington ended his life. He was 41 and survived by 6 children and his wife Talinda. He was the lead singer of Linkin Park and also worked with Stone Temple Pilots, Grey Daze and he had his own side project Dead By Sunrise. His music spoke to many people struggling with many many things, and he personally is still helping me. The above character is based on Chester, I also have tags and signatures that The Cryptic Cat #7088 worked with me to design. It will be used in the month of July every year as a shout out to the late Chester and his band, family and fans. If you want song recommendations message me but be prepared for a massive number of recommendations.  I do art here on EV occasionally so message me or keep an eye out for one of my sales!
  • I am a horse crazy high schooler, with red hair and a personality to match. I have 3 beautiful dogs Mertzen, Fuggles and Joey all girls. I work at a local stables as a groomer and teach lessons. I am book crazy especially¬†Percy Jackson at the moment. I aspire to be a veterinarian when I graduate and am already taking college courses.¬†I do Motocross(since I was 3 years old I had pink training wheels), downhill mountain biking, archery, varsity basketball, BMX, and Equestrian events.
  • I am from the Unites States!¬†
  • I love Marvel and really enjoy Agents Of Shield, I also enjoy the Flash, Arrow and Supergirl!
  • I love music and am especially into rock music! I really like Linkin Park (huge RIP to lead singer :'(¬†Chester Charles Bennington you will be missed), Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance,¬† Fall Out Boy,¬† Twenty One Pilots, Panic At The Disco and Shinedown
  • High key repressed emo kid XD
  • If you need game help, want to discuss one of the above topics, need to vent or just want a friend feel free to message me!¬†
Link to my character site: Clicky PitaPata Horse tickers PitaPata Horse tickers

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