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"Got a 2,000+ stat Andy for $2000 (Nova Moon)(Dressage)(Only 2 years Old)"

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About Me

Hi there! Call me TruQue (Tru for short) I own sheep, goats, pigs, and dogs here on my 42 acre home. I show sheep in the summer and train pups in my free time just for fun. I have 2 dogs of my own- Jax, (mini Goldendoodle)  (He's 2.) Jax is a... wacko, to say the least. And then I have Copper (currently 8 y/o)(golden retriever) whose birthday is on the last day of this month. He's super sweet and adorable but has quite the naughty side :3!

Thanks to...

Huge thanks to The Cryptic Cat for the new layout & more!                                       Tag image credits:                     Photographed by: Me Edited by: Me                                                    Indica: Indica writes stories about her horses and inspired me to do the same. Veiw the public notes of my horses(not all have stories yet) to see the stories and view her page for more!

About The Horses

I breed high stat, low nss, high conformation andys  and I almost always have some foals for sale. I just started a new pricing systems so until I get that up you can find the price on the public notes of any horse for sale. (Need to get rid of Andy Foals For Sale ASAP!!)*To discontinue breeding- only doing requested breedings* Also- {T} means a horse was home-bred and {TR} means they were rescued. :3

Art/Other Services

Haha... you thought I could draw- well, I think not :3 I can do any breeding requests between my horses but keep in mind the price will be into the 10,000's. (Averaging 12k) If you want stud or brood just PM me. Theres a 90% I'll say yes unless it's a mare who been bred 3 times already. (Those are just for show/school) ALSO- I have boarding and create new shows daily :3

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