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"Hodge Podge"

 Friend requests always welcome.


I have many stallions listed for public stud for reasonable rates. Not all of my stallions will be offered for public breedings but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you are interested in one please message me to inquire. Although if a stallion is not listed at stud it is likely that he will not be available until 19-20 years of age. 


All of my horses for sale will be in my 01: Sales division towards the bottom of my page. Feel free to go take a looksie and maybe you will find the horse of your dreams!


On Equiverse I train, breed, and show a number of different breeds in a variety of disciplines. I love so many different breeds of horses that I could never choose just one. Thoroughbreds however, have always been a favorite of mine. In 1998 when I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time I was hooked. I fell in love with horse racing and with thoroughbreds. Their athleticism is amazing to me. So while I have many breeds in this game and show in all 6 of the disciplines my heart will always be with thoroughbreds and racing. I plan to create a racing empire on EV. 


Named using the first letter of each name in my little family Casan Stud has several services to offer to the public!

Boarding - $10/week

Training Arenas - 30 

Daily Riding School

Ability to host 200 shows daily

About the owner...

What can I say about myself? I am an adult player with a full time job in real life. I am married with 4 wonderful boys. Our family also includes 2 dogs, 6 cats, and 1 rabbit. I consider myself to be a pretty friendly person and would never get upset at receiving a friend request or message just to say hi!

Notes to Self

5/25 - 2 yo tb stallion sj for Once Upon A Time

Currently on peppermints - friesians, racing tekes(customs), morgan foals, tb racing foals

Level Limits

N1 100-149
N2 150 -199
N3 200-249
N4 250-299
N5 300 -349
L1 350-399
L2 400-449
L3 450-499
L4 500-549
L5 550-599
R1 600-699
R2 700-799
R3 800-899
R4 900-999
R5 1,000-1,099
Nat1 - 1,100-1,299
Nat2 - 1,300-1,499
Na3 - 1,500-1,699
Na4 - 1,700-1899
Na5 - 1,900-2,099
I1 - 2,100-2,499
I2 - 2,500-2,999
I3 - 3,000-3,999
I4 - 4,000-4,999
I5 - 5,000+

Below is our stable mascot, Pirate's Gold. Thoroughbred gelding. 

Account Information
Member Name olympea
Account Type Deluxe (190 days left)
Joined November 19, 2017
Last Active 2018-05-25 11:40:30
Member Information
Money on Hand $56,224
Money in Bank $2,115,212
Player Level 24
Horses 493 / 550

Player Points
Yesterday 1558
This Week 36476
This Month 251980
All Time 13249446
Show Winnings
Yesterday $766
This Week $29,703
This Month $86,181
All Time $2,054,360

Member Level
Level 24 Experience 1638394 (99%) EXP Required 1653496 EXP Left 15102

olympea's Horse Divisions
01. Competitors 216 horses
Not trained today
02. Youngstock 61 horses
Trained today
0: Locked 5 horses
Not trained today
0: Locked 2 45 horses
Trained today
0: Point Pals 157 horses
Not trained today
0: Sales 9 horses
Trained today

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