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"iso: credits $75k or less"

blackheart equestrian est. 2017
equus caballus
Trained in western, bays and blacks. Trying for all gg.

Gypsy Vanners
Ah my wonder beauties...all of these guys are trained in driving. 

Paint Horses
Prretttyyy. I have a paint in real life. Love her, so have them here on EV as well. Showing in western.

If you are interested in breeding to one of my horses then message me and we can discuss options.   Things I Like to Collect Sunset Beach backgrounds - 101
Unicorn Plushies - 330
Winner's Circles - 736
Freeze Grays - 7
07/17/2019It has been awhile since I have done a proper update so here it is. So far the summer has been a busy one. I have been doing as much as I can with my kids as well as picking up more nights at work. Today is my husband's birthday, so yay. We are going Friday to see The Lion King to celebrate his birthday and I can't wait! I've also decided to cut down greatly on horses. I just can't keep up with such a high volume anymore, so my new motto is quality over quantity eh? I will have more time to focus on just a few breeds now and will have more time to dedicate to the clubs I am a part of as well.  5/9/2019 It was such a great experience to be at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby and also the Oaks! Both were great races and watching the undercard races was fun as well! I was glad to get home though as it was a very long 4 days of being gone!  4/27/2019I think I need a break.  4/16/2019 The horse fair was fun. Other big news, first weekend of May I will be in Kentucky to watch the Oaks and the Derby. Going to the Kentucky Derby has been something I have wanted to do for over 20 years, so I am beyond excited!  4/8/2019The Midwest Horse Fair is this coming weekend and I am going to check it out on Saturday with a friend. I just loving going to see all the gorgeous stallions and watching the demos they do during the day!  3/6/2019Last night we had to put our beloved mini donkey, Willie, to sleep. He will be missed. Sometimes life really sucks. 
about me
Seeing as how this site is extremely public I will just post the basics here! I am an adult player living in Wisconsin. I am married and together we have 4 kids. Our family also includes 2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 rabbit, and 2 horses. I work full time but mostly sleep hours so I have time for my family. Anything more in depth you will have to ask me! 

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