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Momma Rex

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Welcome to Red Mountain Farmstead Stables!

~Information About Red Mountain Farmstead Stables~
Red Mountain Farmstead Stable is a large 10,000 acred farm which currently houses 131 horses, and growing, which have been bought from various owners to start our own blood line. It is located in a unknown place, and is gated by a large 130ft wall that surrounds one of the largest stables known to mankind which stands at 2000ft taller than the once tallest stable in the world. The total square footage under the roof of the building is 80,000sqft, the total square footage of the horse barn area is 63,486sqft.
RMFS has a total of 205 stalls with 15 tacks rooms. It also has 5 feed storage rooms, 4 laundry rooms, 8 interior wash and tack stalls, and 11 exterior wash stalls which can house up to 9-11 horses each.

~Information on the Horses~
Here at Red Mountain Farmstead Stables, RMFS, we breed only two breeds of horses; The American Quarter Horse and the beautiful Andalusians. Each is bred in only one discipline; AQH is bred in Western and the Andalusian is bred in dressage. They are also both bred for conformation and stats. Color isn't as important, but we do like seeing some interesting colors and patterns in our horses.
Each of our foals is named based on both of the parents names or generated off name generators found.
We are challenging ourselves to breed out grey and sabino in all our horses. So you may see most horses that are grey being put up for sale even though they have high stats and conformation.
Horses bought from others will have RMs as their signature. Which means they belong from Red Mountain Farmstead Stables, but weren't bred here.
Our own horses, as in horses bred by us, will have the signature RMFS in the beginning of their name. 
[If a horse is lost and kept or bought, please leave that signature in their notes box.]

The Andalusians, or as we like to call them Andys, are bred for Dressage purposes only. At the moment their stats range from about 2000 to 3500 in both Stallion and Mare. With most of the conformation levels being unknown.
Color, as stated before, isn't something we really look for in our horses, but something we do love in our Andys is black or silver black. To use black Andys look mysterious and graceful.

-Public's Favorite Andy-
Smelly Swan. An energetic chestnut mare with a love for childern. One of the sweetest mares to be brought to our stables!


American Quarter Horses;
The American Quarter Horses, AQH, is bred for only western purposes. At the moment their stats range from 200 to 2500, and as the Andys, most of the conformation levels being unknown.
Color for our AQHs is of a wide variety. We don't mind any color, but one color you may seem to notice isn't around much, is white. It is too much like grey and even though grey may look nice, we do not want grey on any of our horses.

-Public's Favorite AQH-


~Information on Breedings~
Once a horse turns its 3 years, it is carefully going to be match with one other horse. That only goes for the mares. The stallions are usually going to be paired with 2 to 3 mares in their life, with at least 2 foals per mare.
Horses are going to be breed at 16yrs, 18yrs, and lastly 20yrs right before they retire. To 

Once foals are a year old, they will be showed off to the public. Letting everyone know of the possible new sales coming. Once decided on which foals will be for sale a public announcement is made letting them know which are for sale.

Studs and Broods;
I will rarely put a horse up for stud, but when I do it will always be 30,000 to 50,000. Club members get a discount depending on how their own horses are doing. Club members get a 30% to 50% off breedings every 2 horses that are bred.

-Current Studs-
None for the moment

-Current Broods- 
None for the moment

~Information on Sales~
I will rarely put horses for sale. Only time they are put for sale is because they have poor conformation, stats, are they have grey. Other times, they are not put for sale. Foals are usually sold by the time they are 2, but it is only 4 or 5 out of at least 20 foals born here. Stallions are sold for more than mares, and the reason is they can be breed more times than females can. Mares are rarely sold compared to the stallions. And if we do plan on selling a mare, she will be auctioned off.
The previous owner or breeder is the first to be notified, and are asked if they would like to buy the horse back for the same price that we have bought it for originally. If we do not get an answer the horse will be sold to the public. The owner is notified 3 to 5 times before we sell to the public. If not sold, the horse will be culled or sent to one of our other helping stables.

|Stable 1|
Secretariat's Seabisuit
[2nd account]

|Stable 2|
[3rd, rarely used, account]

|Stable 3|
[Sometimes sold for $250 to $5000]

~Marketplace and Item Sales~

Items and horses set up in the marketplace are put up in bulk. And are put up only by request. 

-Current Marketplace Trades-
1. DNA Tweak; Sooty  Sold to; Koyott | Golden Hoof (#6029)
2. Solid Clyde Filly

Items Sales;
Items, such as treats, are sold at $5 per use. For example, 10 uses of turnips will be sold for $50. All treats, except Carrots, Carrot Bunches, Yellow and Green Apple, and Peppermints are being sold. Bags of red apples and Crates of Turnips are sold for $100 per 5 uses.
Tack is sold at $50 per level. For example: [1/5] Tack would be sold for $50. [1/2] Tack would be sold for $100. So just add $50 per level.

-Current Items Sales- 
MommaRex's Item Sales

~Forms Post~

-Suggestions and Ideas-
1. Jobs

-Miscellaneous Chat-
1. Art Out Of My Comfort Zone
2. Rp buddies


Yellow Apple: Agility
Green Apple: Intelligence
Red Apple: Strength
Carrot: Speed
Turnip: Endurance

Show Jumping is affected by Speed & Agility
Dressage is affected by Intelligence & Agility
Endurance is affected by Endurance & Intelligence
Racing is affected by Endurance & Speed
Driving is affected by Endurance & Strength
Western is affected by Intelligence & Speed
Conformation is affected by EVERYTHING 
[Coppied off of Copy]

-More silver In Andys
-White face in AQHs

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