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"Lots of personal stuff going on; not online every day"

My Horses: 𝛷 marks horses bred by me. Please do not remove the brand if you end up with one of my horses. 
φ is the mark for special rescues; horses bred by other players through one of my studs or broodmares.

Endurance Arabians (32)  
Dressage Quarter horses (40) 
Western Paint horses (33) 
Driving Lipizzaners (35)
Racing Thoroughbreds (45)
Showjumping Dutch Warmbloods (35)
Showjumping Appaloosas (31)

Breeding/Sales: All stallions are put up for stud at age 10. If there is one you're interested in under that age, feel free to ask me about him! However, most of my mares will be bred three times by me. You can ask about a mare, but that's usually nonnegotiable. -- Sale horses are not listed under a regular division and are open to offers.

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Account Information
Member Name Cadewyn
Member ID 106937
Account Type Basic
Joined December 3, 2016
Last Active 2019-04-22 10:07:20
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Money on Hand $89,355
Money in Bank $790,104
Player Level 26
Horses 257 / 260

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Yesterday 124656
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This Month 0
All Time 19722616
Show Winnings
Yesterday $21,833
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All Time $5,603,045

Member Level
Level 26 Experience 1129179 (58%) EXP Required 1917664 EXP Left 788485

Cadewyn's Horse Divisions
Banemark Endurance 32 horses
Trained today
BM Dressage/Western 74 horses
Trained today
BM Drivers/Racers 80 horses
Trained today
BM Showjumpers 66 horses
Trained today
Schoolhorses 5 horses
Not trained today

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