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"Show Quality QH ♥"


This is primarily a Quarter Horse ranch Currently working on: low non-specialty stats. Foundation and cleaner lines. Higher Conformation. With a flair in the show ring!

Here is a key:

ᴮᵉˡ`= QH  bred by me.


|1|= First Gen past foundation.

|2|= Second Gen past foundation.

Rs = Racing QH

E = Endurance QH

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Account Information
Member Name ⁂BlueEyedLuv⁂
Member ID 103923
Account Type Deluxe (15 days left)
Joined August 19, 2016
Last Active 2019-08-15 13:42:24
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Money on Hand $242,027
Money in Bank $10,357,221
Player Level 30
Horses 530 / 540

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Player Points
Yesterday 26954
This Week 28818
This Month 356468
All Time 71122172
Show Winnings
Yesterday $25,786
This Week $27,670
This Month $192,988
All Time $37,926,858

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 20821634 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -17482029

⁂BlueEyedLuv⁂'s Horse Divisions
*FOR SALE $$ 7 horses
Trained today
*Rescue Ranch show team 13 horses
Trained today
*Sorting 10 horses
Trained today
A1| Foals 0-2 years QH 40 horses
Trained today
A2| QH Western Mares, Lined LOCKED 106 horses
Not trained today
A3| QH Western Mares, Foundations |fd| LOCKED 24 horses
Not trained today
A4| QH Western Stallions, Lined LOCKED 99 horses
Not trained today
A5| QH Western Stallions, Foundations |fd| LOCKED 17 horses
Not trained today
B1| Racing QH, Stallions Rs LOCKED 31 horses
Not trained today
B2| Racing QH, Mares Rs LOCKED 45 horses
Not trained today
B3| Racing QH Foals 0-2 LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
C1| Endurance QH Mares E LOCKED 34 horses
Trained today
C2| Endurance QH Stallions E LOCKED 28 horses
Trained today
C3| Endurance QH, Foals 0-2 LOCKED 3 horses
Trained today
Z1| Convert LOCKED 52 horses
Not trained today
~Lawn Ornaments LOCKED 5 horses
Not trained today
~On Ice. LOCKED 8 horses
Not trained today
~Retirement Meadows 2 horses
Not trained today

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