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"Breeding Account :)"

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Galex #103157


Please note that this is still under construction and I'm adding things to it. 

This is my breeding account. I breed for the top horses in stats, color, and conformation.

If you are interested in any breedings or buying a foal, don't be afraid to PM me :) 

Flashy Flaxens: 

Flashy Flaxens is a club that I own and run. It's brand new and still under construction, but it is for those who own flaxens of any breed. For more information, please check out the link here  :) 


 I love breeding flaxen, they are my favorite coloring of any horse. I can make a personal breeding (ex: one of your stallions to a mare, vice versa) or I can lower a breeding fee in exchange for items such as hay cubes or tack. 

About Me:

Hiya! My name is Raven, but that's not important. I'm 16 and co-own a beautiful 16yr old overo paint gelding named Clown. I'm a western rider, but I'm currently learning how to ride English too. I work park time as a photographer, too. 

Here is what I offer: 

Stallions For Stud

Mares For Brood

Horses For Sale

Flashy Flaxens

The breeds of horses I offer are QH, Andys, and Appaloosas. 

Top Stallions (by # of breedings): 

Aint Got My Boots

Top Mares (by # of breedings):

Allstar Chrome

Paint It Silver

Flirting Temptations

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Member Name Galex
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Joined July 26, 2016
Last Active 2019-12-02 18:52:57
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Money on Hand $49,756
Money in Bank $673,862
Player Level 13
Horses 20 / 85

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Level 13 Experience 266509 (72%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 100391

Galex's Horse Divisions
Breeding Mares 2 horses
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Breeding Stallions 3 horses
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Unassigned Horses 13 horses

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