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"Loving EV!"

About Me:
Hi, my real name isn't Amara but you can find me on my sims 3 account. I have two cats a male (Mel) and female (Izzy), they were nurtured and spayed at young age but I love my baby boy to pieces. I also used to ride English for 3 years and have done some western riding as well. I'm almost graduated from high school and I'm planning on becoming a horse trainer when I'm older. I'm trying to save up for my own horse but it isn't easy with only 1-2 days a week working but I make due.

I breed mostly quarter horses but also breed mustangs and Morgans for colour, stats, and high conformation. I train my horses each along with show them. 

I'm a member of the Quarter Horse Club!
I'm a member of the Quarter Horse Club!

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Member Name Amara
Member ID 101998
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Joined June 18, 2016
Last Active 2020-03-27 14:51:47
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Money on Hand $20,417
Money in Bank $4,624,378
Player Level 17
Horses 84 / 95

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Amara's Horse Divisions
Andy 4 horses
Not trained today
Quarters 57 horses
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Thoroughbreds 16 horses
Not trained today
Welsh 7 horses
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