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(Lucky) Ducky

"Somehow I decided having this many horses was a good idea"

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About Me

Hello! My name is K but I go by LuckyDucky on the internet. I've been a part of EV since 2016 while I was pregnant with my duckling in an effort to avoid cavorting around the city like I was used to. I'm in my low 30s and am a single momma duck by day, and by night a critical care nurse in a very busy Level 1 trauma hospital in a major metro area in the USA. I also belong to a very feisty lovepuff of a cat, 48 houseplants, and a partner who has embraced living in a noisy houseplant jungle.

I've ridden most of my life, although the last 7 years has had me hardly in the saddle due to living in the city and then going through nursing school while working full time and being a mom. But! We've moved out of the city to a more quiet area and I am within 15 minutes from my old stable I used to ride at. I'm expecting to return to riding VERY soon and I couldn't be more excited! I've ridden, trained, and shown predominantly in Western (horsemanship, pleasure, speed events), Huntseat, and Hunter/Jumper, with a special emphasis on speed events (hello barrel racing and pole bending!). i'm interested in Eventing, but finding training in this area for that is rather difficult. I've worked mostly with Paint, QH, Arabians, an occasional Andalusian, and sporthorse crosses.

Other passions include cooking through my 300+ cookbooks, travelling as time allows (I've been to over 20 countries!), backpacking up in the mountains, cycling, gaming, and staring out the window lounging in the sun pretending that I don't have anything to do.

Account Information
Member Name (Lucky) Ducky
Member ID 101202
Account Type Deluxe (21 days left)
Joined May 22, 2016
Last Active 2020-05-26 07:56:03
Member Information
Money on Hand $1,012,659
Money in Bank $33,492,512
Player Level 30
Horses 989 / 1000

Player Points
Yesterday 59632
This Week 376578
This Month 6431678
All Time 47476274
Show Winnings
Yesterday $34,759
This Week $184,938
This Month $3,901,621
All Time $32,816,229

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 10820608 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -7481003

(Lucky) Ducky's Horse Divisions
* Riding School * 197 horses
Not trained today
---- 0 horses
---- 0 horses
---- 0 horses
Andalusians - Dressage - Show 113 horses
Not trained today
Andalusians - Foundations 0 horses
Appaloosas - Foundation - Western 55 horses
Not trained today
Appaloosas - Lined - Western 6 horses
Not trained today
Foals - Holding 61 horses
Not trained today
Gypsy Vanner - Foals LOCKED 73 horses
Not trained today
Gypsy Vanners - Driving - Show 48 horses
Not trained today
Miniatures - Driving - Foundation LOCKED 40 horses
Not trained today
Miniatures - Driving - Lined 79 horses
Not trained today
Paints - Western 44 horses
Not trained today
Shetlands - Foals LOCKED 16 horses
Not trained today
Shetlands - Foundations 32 horses
Not trained today
Tekes - Foundations - Racing 64 horses
Not trained today
Tekes - Lined - Racing 30 horses
Not trained today
Trakehners - Foals 88 horses
Not trained today
Welsh Battle Ponies - Show Jumping 28 horses
Not trained today
Welsh Ponies - Locked for Breeding LOCKED 3 horses
Trained today
Z. Locked - Misc. LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today

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