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"$10/week Boarding! 500+ Stalls Available!"

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Western Quarter Horses

Focus: Color > Low Non-Spec Stats > Conformation

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Champagne, Pangare, Sooty & Dun with desirable base colors

Sun Dog Stables

Boarding available @ $10/week

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^ Foundation Horses

* Bred by ᏋᏉᏋᏒᎷᎧᏒᏋ


$insert name here^  age breed gender color

Future Stallions @ Stud:

Bad Things   Smoky Black Roan   58 ns   58.62 confo   3-5 breedings

Criminal Vice   Palomino Roan Rabicano   59 ns   54.00 confo   3-5 breedings

Winter Forward   Grullo Tobiano   66 ns   57.74 confo   3-5 breedings

Future Broodmares:

Classy Drunk   Red Dun   60 ns   55.18 confo   3 breedings

Hazelnut   Ivory Gold Champ Dun Roan   54 ns   61.02 confo   1 breeding

Miss Me More   Silver Black   58 ns   55.87 confo   3 breedings

Pistol Annie   Buckskin (Gg)   57 ns   54.61 confo   3 breedings

Smoke Split   Red Dun Roan Tovero   60 ns   54.47 confo   3 breedings

Taking breeding reservations now!

Mares and stallions will be available for breeding starting at 15 years old.

Mares will be bred 3 times or less, stallions may sire up to 5 foals.

If interested in using one of my horses for breeding, please message me!

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