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"SJ Chincoteagues For Sale!"

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Show Jumping Chincoteague Ponies

Focus: Color > Low Non-Spec Stats > Conformation > Clean Lines

Game Plan:

Foundation horses are entered in the Dressage discipline at 3 years of age, fed hay cubes and used as lesson horses until they reach 10 years of age.

They are then converted to Show Jumping discipline and shown until they are retired
(and fed carrots or yellow apples for SJ horses).

I will be breeding my horses for exact genotypes and will keep ONLY 1 foal per breeding
(undesired foals will be turned out to pasture to keep lines clean and pure).


⍨Ꮛ⍨   Brand

⌖   Foundation Horses

⍣   Bred by ᏋᏉᏋᏒᎷᎧᏒᏋ


$Closer⌖   7yo stallion, Bay Splash   Sold!

$Hold Me Down⌖   10yo mare, Bay Rabicano Roan

$Like That⌖   7yo mare, Bay Tobiano

$McDreamy⌖   13yo stallion, Silver Mealy Moreno Rabicano Sabino   Sold!

$Shadowvale⌖   11yo stallion, Black

$Tigereye⌖   3yo mare, Black Tobiano

 @ Stud:

none at this time

Available Broodmares:

none at this time

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