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ISO Artist to work with Unique Charrie

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ISO Artist to work with Unique Charrie

#262438 Posted on 2022-11-23 11:21:21

Hey all! I'm looking for an artist that is willing to work with a new and unique character that I recently purchased. I recently bought a two headed horse character. I'm looking for someone that would be willing to take the ref and create the back side that's not shown on this sheet. This bean has split personalities and I want to be able to purchase art for just one of the sides without it being confusing, since there's not many two-headed tags/sigs out there. The design for the head in the back is on the ref sheet, but the back side of the body is not. I would like a ref showing the unseen side on the current sheet. Artist has full creativity as long as it will flow with the current markings on the shown side of the ref. I will pay generously for this. I can do EVC or EVD or both. Whichever you prefer. Please either DM me or comment below if interested! 

Here's the lineart that would work for him: Here (If you already have it downloaded) | Here | Here

You don't have to use these, these are just the styles that would make him.

Also here's the guy/gal. :)

* I will send Unwatermarked version to the artist *

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