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Guinea Pigs?

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Guinea Pigs?

#248867 Posted on 2021-10-13 17:36:40

Hi friends.

I just recently got a guinea pig who is a female and she is 1 and a half months old.

I am planning on getting another one around December or so.. 

I didn't wanna go looking for answers on google because you know how that is lol. 

Will they both fight if I get another one? I don't wanna have to get rid of one...

Help! Thanks.

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#248871 Posted on 2021-10-13 18:07:47

They shouldn't fight if introduced correctly and have enough space, 7-8 square feet per pig is recommended. i have 2 males they're in 16 sq. feet cage but males should have more space for territorial reason. However females can also be territorial, tbh the bigger the cage the better, they love to run around. Seeing as you have a female be sure to get another female so you don't end up with babies!

They should be introduced in a large neutral area that neither pig is familiar with, have a pile of hay or some other food they can bound with along with 2 or more hides with more then 1 entrance so one doesn't corner the other.  It will be normal for them to chase each other and squeak about, thats just them figuring out who the boss is. Bounding them can take a good few hours so be prepared for that (it took my boys about 5 hours to settle in). Once bounding has been done its recommended to clean their cage and wash any fleece items that smells like your first pig and put new fresh clean in.(tbh i didn't do this part but i also had my boys in 2 different sides of the cage for about a day  before putting them down to meet each other. i also gave them each others hide so part of the other pigs scent was in the others side) 

All that said some pigs do end up just not liking other pigs in their cage but they should still have a friend if that ends up being the case, they can live happy and content just having a neighboring pig in a different cage next to them.

I recommend checking out this channel below, she has some great informational videos about guinea pigs 

Little Adventures - YouTube

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